Meijer / unethical behavior

Lansing, MI, United States

I was shopping in Meijer today before the football game, my fiance and I were picking up some sour cream. My fiance was facing the sour cream and I was facing forward. All of the sudden I was hit from behind, in my back, I turned around and the employee had run into me with a giant "hand truck" or whatever those are called. It was used to haul pallets around the store to stock isles and what not. According to google they are called a pallet truck. It was stocked very high with product so the employee clearly could not see where he was going, he ran right into me and the products that he was carrying rammed right into my back. When the employee realized he had hit an actual person he just turned it away from me, trying to maneuver the big pallet truck and ended up clipping my leg while trying to turn, I explained to him that he was pinning me between my cart and the pallet truck and he backed up and then turned and continued on his way. He asked if I was okay and I replied yes and that was it, he never offered to get a manager or anything. He then ran into another person after me!!! He should be pulling this heavy and full of a pallet cart NOT pushing it, you obviously can't see where you are going and I have no clue what he was thinking. Imagine if I was a small child, they would've been crushed and any parent would have flipped out. I would've fallen forward had my cart not been there to catch me, he was walking full speed and ran right smack into my back! It already cause enough of a scene with other shoppers so I wanted him to just get out of my way and get home because I was shocked, embarrassed, and just wanted to get home. I did not yell at the young man or make the scene any bigger I just simply went about my business and held back the tears. I want Meijer to be notified because I may intend to look into getting a lawyer, I am sure this was caught on camera and I have recorded the time, location, and what I was wearing to assist in the investigation. I just keep thinking had it been a child or elderly person, someone really could've gotten hurt and if you are going to push a pallet truck down a very busy main isle you need to be aware of shoppers and your surroundings. If you cannot handle the equipment, you need to NOT be working on the floor. I hope this complaint makes it back to the store and if I proceed with a lawsuit that Meijer takes it seriously so this man does not hurt someone else.

Oct 20, 2018

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