Meijerthanksgiving/black friday deals

I feel that I should tell you that the system the Coldwater michigan meijer used today for the early morning sales was unfair. My son and I arrived early to the Coldwater meijer to buy Apple watches this morning and followed the signs to the appropriate line. While in line we heard the meijer employees tell people it didn't matter which lines you stood in to get your products and clearly lines for the iPads and fit bits were moving so much faster so by the time my son and I reached the front (over an hour on standing in line) the watches were gone. I asked the sales clerk if we could get a rain check since NO where in the Ad did it say this was only for a limited quantity in the store but she refused to honor the ad. Meijer need to figure out a better way to run these deals.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Coldwater, MI At least Walmart tells you how many and you know right away if you will get the item...not wait an hour in line to be told "sorry" also you should specify that there is no rain checks...I assumed since it was not specified that I would have been able to still get the watches at that price. I am very disappointed to say the least. Feel like I woke up early drove 20min to town and stood in a slow moving line for over an hour for nothing. Being told "I'm sorry" by the sales clerk really didn't make me feel any better. I hope Meijer can figure out how to improve this process. I'm not sure that I will ever try doing that again. I normally do all my shopping at Meijer but Black Friday deals are just much more organized and easier at Walmart. Thanks for listening.

Nov 23, 2017

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