Meijershower rod

My brother had stopped by the night before I did on May 12, 2017. He wanted to get a shower rod due to us moving into a new house. He ended up choosing the Luminex aluminum curved rod. When ringing it up, it rung up $49.99. My brother informed the cashier that the tag on the shelf said $24.99. The cashier called for a sales associate to look it up, and sure enough the tag said $24.99. My brother told me about the great deal, and I decided to go back and purchase the same rod. The same chain of events happen. It rung up $49.99. We called for help, and the gentleman that helped us called for his boss. She (unfortunately I do not remember her name) came over, and we explained the situation to her. We told her about my brother coming the night before and what happened. She then got on the phone and called for her boss. He walked over and we explained the situation to him. He immediately answered with "well the girl should have fixed the tag yesterday. It just wasn't in the right spot. I can take $5 off, but that's all I'm doing". Now clearly I understand if something is in the wrong spot. But we were not told that it was in the wrong spot last night, but simply that it was the wrong price. I didn't plan on spending that much, so I gave the rod back and told the manager (Brian) that I would look elsewhere. Discouraged, I started walking out. My brother walked back to the aisle again, and showed Brian that the tag for this exact item did indeed say $24.99, and the double rod was supposed to be $49.99. Brian walked back up, checked me out, and said "have a good night". I appreciate that the price was taken down, but I was flabbergasted at the fact that Brian did not apologize for the mix up. I know everyone says "the customer is always right, " and I work retail. I understand that people try to play the system. This was not the case tonight. I felt embarrassed to be standing in front of 8 or 9 other customers and he made to look like I was being untruthful in what I was telling them. Once Brian found out that we were telling the truth, he acted like it was a bother that he even had to ring me up. I'm saddened at this lack of professionalism, and I don't know if I'd come back to meijer.

May 13, 2017

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