Meijer / grocery item

On November 22 I had an unpleasant experience at customer service and the manager needs to train his employees for better customer service. i have been going to Meijers in Avon for my biweekly shopping, since recently moving to Indiana, a year ago. For the first time I went to customer service to return some items that were totally unsatisfactory. I explained to the gal that I had cooked one of the items, and after cooking the required time and temperature, it was inedible and I had to throw it away, so I was returning the other two. She gave me a look which silently said, Yeah, right, I know you are lying. When she gave me my receipt, I looked at at the amount, which only totaled the sum of 2 items, not 3 items as I had explaind, and did not give any credit for the tax.

Nov 22, 2017

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