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Charlotte, MI, United States

I have been A Meyer's customer from many many years but that will no longer be as of March 26, 2018. I used yourself check out unlimited items 2 to 3 times a week When
I shopped, (I am a multi shopper I shop for different families at 1 time because my mother is disabled as well as my daughter being disabled) this made it where I could scan my order and sort it as I was checking out without the disgusting attitude or looks from cashiers which is what I received when I had to check out through a cashier's lane. I had wanted to purchase a pizza and when she scanned it I ask her the price it rang up, when it was different than what I thought it should be I question her and told her that there was a endcap facing the grocery aisles with the pizzas on it. There was a shelf tag of 2/10.00 on the top 2 rows but no other prices on any of the other rows so I thought the 2/10.00 was for all the pizzas on the end cap, she flagged somebody down to go check the price who was the most rudest person I have ever dealt with, when the person came back she said 'the price is what it rings up' very nasty & a matter of factly.I said 'OK, I just thought it was all same price since there was only the one shelf price. I just wont get it.' 'It doesnt include stuffed crust.' again very rudely. Well you might wanna get somebody to change the endcap so a customer doesn't pitch a fit.' - I finish my order with no eye contact, no nothing from the cashier. I proceeded to "Sandy" where my husband had taken my grandson while I finished checking out. As we passed the cashiers on our way out they were discussing and laughing in reguards to the situation of my check out. -Really. This will be the last check. - I have worked in retail for over 10 years, I have worked in customer service for 5 I know what customer service is and I know the customer service that you are supposed to be giving customers and this was a deal breaker!

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    This took me 4 trys to get it all in and done... ju st summit it already

Mar 28, 2018

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