Megabus / megabus late again

White Marsh, MD, United States
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You're company is pathetic with "service" members who are rude and ignorant. The buses are NEVER on time and today, I have had enough. I am suing your company for my inconveniences, as today, yet again, the bus is over an hour and a half late due to "not having a bus to send from the lot." You really call yourself a company with customer values?? Seriously ticked off and will never be using your horrible services again. The wifi on the busses don't even work and bathroom are kept a complete mess. And yes, I have taken way too many bus rides to know this is an occurrence every single time. I demand to be reimbursed for my most recent ride, as well as unlimited free rides for the next year, as I love in New York City and at back and forth a few times a year. If you are unable to comply, I will have my lawyers be in touch.

Lexi Smith-Taylor

Jun 19, 2017

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