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I recently received an email about compensation due to a delay I had today... Actually the delay was not the worst part of my trip. After we got on the new bus, after the 3 hour delay, our new bus driver was falling asleep at the wheel. I do have pictures and a video to prove this. This completely put my life and the other 27 lives on the bus at RISK. This is absolutely insane that anyone should be hired like this. The first bus driver was the rudest meanest scariest lady I have ever experience. She yelled and cussed at some of the passengers. This was my first mega bus trip experience and it was a complete disaster. Such a shame too because the buses are actually really nice and comfortable... the only problem was the lack of quality when it comes to hiring drivers. I had two drivers today and one was a screaming rude lady and the other was asleep at the wheel. This is absolutely ridiculous.

Sep 15, 2017

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