Megabus / I am complaining about a bus driver and arrival time

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Not only was the bus 2 hours late, but when the bus finally arrived, the bus driver was very rude. The bus was suppose to arrive at the bus top for pickup at 11:05pm. It ended up arriving at 12:58Am (not to mention it was the day before thanksgiving and it was freezing outside). When she finally arrived she was very rude while giving people their bags (throwing people bags into their arms). She even yelled at me while telling me to put the handle to my suitcase down. These are not the type of employee's that Megabus should have on their staff. I hope this makes it to her supervisor and considering the circumstances, I would like a full refund! I will provide my ticket information along with my email address below.

Wed Nov 22
23:05:00 EST 2017
from RIC to WAS


Nov 23, 2017

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