Megabus / driver / staff

Greensboro, AL, United States

Reservation Number

Date: June 21, 2017
From: Secaucus, NJ, Frank. J Lautenberg Station at Secaucus Junction (4:50 AM)
To: Baltimore, MD, White Marsh Mall (Opp Red Lobster) (8:30 AM)
Seat(s): 1 x General Seating

Passengers: 1
Price: $29.00

These are my travel details. I am an incoming student in the United States and have been using Megabus from the day I am here. You can track my trips from my email address which is '[protected]'.

Yesterday when I was waiting for the bus at 4 am which isn't a time when one can afford to go to back to hotel from which he has checked out. So i was waiting for the bus as soon as the bus came I went to board with the same bag I have taken along on my other trips on Megabus and aswell as Greyhound. The driver told me in a really rude manner that my bag was overweight and straight away said sir I am not going to take it. I kept on asking what should I do. I even asked him of taking things out of my bag and placing them in my hand carry bag but he was adamant and kept on saying rudely am not gonna take it sir.

I requested him a number of times and at last he directed me to another Megabus staff person standing a little far and told me to ask him. When I went to meet him he said you should tip the driver he will accept the tip and let you in. I told him I was willing to pay for the extra baggage but not the tip on which he said to call the Megabus office which I did but no one picked up.

Then he again alarms me for the tip so I went to the driver who said I won't take the tip and then I went again to the person I met already he said sir give me the money and I will make him ready. He asked me to place my bag in my self which I did. Later when I sat up and saw what was going on down through the window. I saw both of them smiling and then the man gave the money to the driver.

The thing is I don't care about the money. I know I am new here but that doesn't means that everyone should exploit a new person. I am looking forward to the company to ask the driver about all this.

My mobile number is ‭[protected]‬ but I hope to get contacted on my email.

Muhammad Ahmed Cheema

Jun 22, 2017

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