Megabus / coach bookings and lies

Megabus you [censored]! Twenty of us are currently stranded in Cardiff with the same problem. We all booked return tickets from Cardiff to London (some people are going to Swindon). However, apparently the return tickets provided (for all twenty of us) were for the previous day. Your system did not raise an error. Your coach driver refused to let all 20 of us on the bus as well as refusing to give us his driver number. We were told to book the 4.40am bus, which would mean a four 1/2 hour wait.

After we all protested, he finally called his "Manager" who stated that an emergency coach would pick us up in half an hour. That was over an hour ago! So he lied

How despicable! We have just contacted your customer service and they have stated that we should have checked the tickets. But why would you sell a outbound ticket for one day, and a return ticket for the previous day? We clearly wanted to get a return ticket today and our options were either 9pm or 12.10am. 9pm would have been to early as we were going to a concert which started at 8pm.

Why were we not given the option of of buying a ticket with cash to get on your half empty coach. Why is a 7 and half month pregnant woman and 5 young girls under 17 (one of them is 9 years old) left stranded at a coach stop at this time of the morning?

Why did your driver lie and tell us a coach was coming for us? Surely he should have just reiterated that we needed to get the 4.40am train.

Why is your customer service officer Sandra so rude. Do your stuff have no empathy? Why are they such [censored]ing jobsworths? What's wrong with your company? I guess you get what you pay for eh? Buy cheap tickets and you get substandard services

So I guess we will have to book the 4.40am and wait in the cold for another three hours. More money in your coffers then. I'm pretty sure this is not the first time this has happened with your company. And I'm not just talking about the twenty of us currently stranded here. This is probably a regular occurrence with your company.

Rest assure you will be hearing from me again.

Jun 06, 2018

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