Megabus / cancelled and didn't refund

United States

After arriving in Buffalo on a red-eye flight at the end of February (read: WINTER(, I waiting for a 5 a.m. Megabus pickup that never came. Three hours after the scheduled departure, I received an email to tell me that the bus route was cancelled for the day. Of course, they already knew this the night before because the bus never left NYC the previous night because of bad weather. No notification was posted on their site, and no one was available until 9 a.m. to provide information either. I ended up taking a local bus to downtown Buffalo and then catching the next Greyhound--something that I could have done 4 hours earlier had I received notification that the bus I was waiting for wasn't coming. Now, to top it all off, after two months of calling and emailing, I still have not had a refund for this trip issued to my credit card. What is wrong with these people?


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