Mega Buskick off the bus for allowing the bus driver to knw that he was being grumpy

My name is Lekayle Booker while being picked up in Charlotte nc the bus driver asked us to get in kine ge theb asked for 50 dollars ti get ob tge bus ti be the first ones to get on the bus. as we all were on the bus ge told everyone how fed up if peopke taking advantage of hin abd told us he apologized for bribg rud. it was tge 2)30 bus to go to gainscille fl. as we get to stkins ga tge bus pulls up tge bus driver yells tell tht lil boy ti set down we did. so i ask can we stop at a rest stop? he yells and was very rude about hiss responce. i responed sir your gumpy you need a wife and he kicks ne off thinking he might hus laugh it off insteads he kicks me off the bus. me and my don stranded in atkens ga hours away from home. instead of him beibg ab adult about it he leaves me in my sob in the cold just for statibg my opinion. the bus was not movibg he was up waljing around when i said tht

Dec 19, 2014

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