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Meaningful Beauty Vitapower / won't stop billing for cancelled products

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Through the Meaningful Beauty Co. I tried their vitamins and they nade me sick. I called and had future orders cancelled. They refunded my money just fine but have continued to charge my credit card for them. It is frustrating to me that I have to go through all of the hassle it takes to get this done each time. This is wrong and they should be stopped from doing this.

Lona Albert

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  • Mi
      29th of Oct, 2008

    please email me your thoughts i just started the vitamins yesterday [protected] i feel fine so far

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  • Di
      31st of Oct, 2008


    Thank you for posting your message.

    I just cancelled my membership and all future orders today because the VitaPower company sent me ANOTHER 4-month supply of vitamins after they charged and shipped a 4-month supply to me in September. The company has some ethics issues for sure, but their math is really off and that is very disconcerting to me as well.


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  • Ja
      31st of Oct, 2008

    I responded to their special after seeing it on cable tv stating specifically that I only wanted to receive the $29.95 special, which I received, but when I checked my statement I found out that they charged me for an additional shipment which I do not want! Now I have to deal with stopping further charges. I hope that I too will not have to deal with monthly cancelations!

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  • Je
      14th of Nov, 2008

    Thank you ladies for voicing your complaints about that Meaningful Beauty company. I complained to the BBB, which tried to contact the Meaningful Beauty company who REFUSED to reply!! They know they are guilty of defrauding the public. My next stop is the FCC! These people will continue to defraud if they are not stopped! I urge you to complain to the FCC also. Let's put them out of business . Shame on Cindy Crawford for allowing her name to be used by these unscrupulous people. They are blined with GREED!!

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  • Cr
      6th of May, 2009

    I love the vitamins but they did all the charging every month for a 60 day supply and the only way it stopped was when i reported my credit card lost and they were no longer able to bill me anymore. I also called and complained numerous times and nothing turns out that i received so many boxes of vitamins that they lasted me two years after they stopped shipping...I was thinking about reordering them but i just went to whole foods and bought a 60 supply of 1-a-day by light rainbow multi vitamin for $23.99 so i think im going to stick to that...

    I agree with all these posts about their unethical business practices...

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  • Ts
      20th of Jun, 2010

    i have a lot of complaints about their vitamins and other products and the way they using my credit card info. after i tried their promoting product i called and cancelled any future cahrges. but they kept sending and charging my card. meaning that each time i had to return the package without using it i was paying twice 7.95 for shipping that they do not refund.
    i could not beleive it and think it is very-very bad reputation for this brand.

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  • Su
      13th of Feb, 2014

    I also got sick from the vitamins and they do not provide any information WHATSOEVER about the vitamins to stop or prevent future shipments. There was no paperwork in the box with the vitamins and there is no information provided on the My Account portal of the Meaningful Beauty website about the vitamins...I checked, doublechecked, and emailed about this. The vitamin portion of this is a HUGE SCAM. Whatever you do, if you do what to try the Meaningful Beauty skin care products (didn't love them at first but gave them a shot and ended up really like the serum), DO NOT under any circumstances, click accept on the "free" gift of the vitamins or you will be paying for them in total frustration until you spend countless hours trying to get them to cease and decease on sending you more, and lucky if you get your card credited back. Cindy Crawford and Valerie Bertinelli, you should look into the vitamin scam and demand a fix to the deceptiveness or it will affect the positive quality of the skin care line.

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  • Mb
      19th of Mar, 2014

    Same thing here ladies.. I have boxes of unused vitamins due to the company sending and charging multiple 90 day shipments ahead of schedule. Love the product but its Ridiculous how they do business. I too cancelled my order and sent product back because I have too much. No problem getting my bank involved, the company refunded the last order and then it happened AGAIN without my authorization they charged my card and sent another shipment. Once my supply is done, I'm switching to a whole new skin care and vitamin.. So sad because I enjoy the products.

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  • Lb
      23rd of Apr, 2014

    I ordered the Meaningful Beauty 49.95 package, which i totally love but in the package there was a letter that stated to look for your free gift in the mail. Well, about two weeks later i got two packages of their 90 day supply vitamins. I thought this was the free gift. I didn't order them and now their trying to charge me 105.00 dollars each. What a scam!

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  • Ma
      2nd of Jul, 2014

    I also opted to get the "free vitamins", and now I have the first of 3 charges on my account. I called to complain, and was told I need to send back the first shipment to receive my refund. If they do not receive the shipment back before the next billing cycle, I will be charged the next payment. Supposedly, they will refund all charges back once they receive the vitamins, minus the $2.99 shipping and handling. We will see what happens...

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