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April 23, 2018
To Whom It May Concern.
This is only my opinion and I am sure I am not alone.
I bought McAfee Antivirus last year and when I tried to install it, I had problems. The Help Service told me I had Norton and in order to install McAfee they had to remove some existing software. This would cost $49.95 for the service and I said okay and everything worked fine.
Now my McAfee Software will expire this May 15 and I bought a new McAfee Antivirus and when I tried to install it, I was kicked out again.
The Help Desk called me and I was not home and he left a message that if I had trouble, I should call 877-220-7414. I tried to install the software again next day and right away it kicked me out saying that the product key was already used and to call them (big number on screen).
I called the number on the screen and a man answered and he assured me that he could solve my problems if he took over my computer. I gave him permission and he did take it over.
Problem: He said I had some conflicts and he would take care of it for $100.00 charge fee. I declined.
Question: If I am using McAfee now without problems and I am trying to update it, why does the new product conflict with the existing McAfee antivirus? He said that is the problem!
Solution: I am returning UNUSED product key and I will use Norton again or something similar.
(I scanned the McAfee Product Key and I am sending it to prove that is not being used).
I am not asking for a refund. I learned a good lesson for a small amount of money.
Ciro Albanese
142 N. Jerrilee Lane
Anaheim, CA 92807

Product Key 6337N-QCFN5-R3275-J4KA9-APJMP
Scan code [protected]

  • Updated by Ciro Albanese, Apr 23, 2018

    I did not post anything and I have no intentions to.
    My comments are only to you guys.
    If McAfee works now in my system, why it will not work with a new McAfee?

    Take care.


Apr 23, 2018

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