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Purchased MacAfee 2 weeks ago.
Today, I had unwanted pop-ups on my pc.After speaking with the rep at McAfee I was told that pop-ups are not a virus.Per the customer rep - because I had downloaded a software/Visio with a recommended install rather than customized; unknowingly I had given permission to these pop-ups.MacAfee offered to help but with a charge of nearly 180 dollars of yearly subscription or one time fee of $ 69.95 because per the customer rep; even though I had new windows pop-up on my pc ; these were not viruses? Being frustrated I asked for a refund- After all, the reason for purchasing a virus protection was to keep my pc from being slow, or keep away from pop-ups (What I hoped from virus protecting software like McAfee to provide) - but I was told that it is not a Virus and therefore I will be charged another 180 dollars a yearly cost for the clean up or a one time fee of $69.99. Is this absurd or was I asking for too much?

Irritated by not receiving the assistance of cleaning my PC I asked to get my refund of $45.00 that I paid to be a member of McAfee- I was transferred to a customer rep. Here I am told that because this product was purchased online and being that McAfee is partnering with a partner!! I couldn't cancel with them. I was provided a different number to for cancelling. McAfee might have be prestigious or might still be for some people but above is my experience and I am taking a break before the I call the new number provided to receive my refund.

How about just cleaning the pop-ups/viruses- what McAfee is known for rather than trying to sell more products??

Sep 22, 2014

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