McAfee / unauthorized item charged to my credit card

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When I checked my credit card I found an unauthorized item that had been charged to my account. The purchase date was 11/04/2011 for the amount of $99.95 and was from 866-622-3911CA. I never ordered anything from McAfee as I already have the software on my computer which does not need updating or anything extra added and have no idea why they would charge me for something I didn't order.

I am extremely angry and ask that you please make sure that you credit my account with $99.95 immediately.

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  • Al
      May 10, 2011

    They just got me the same way guess what you did not renew so we are going to renew and charge you for it and to make you want the product we will infect you with the stuff we where to protect you from! Then thew want you to buy the product again so you can be protected from them!!

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  • De
      Aug 24, 2011

    When I stopped using their product, they kept harrassing me to update my credit card number. When I called, I spoke to someone in India. I told her that I no longer had that computer, and no longer wanted their product. I had deleted auto-renewal some years ago. So what did they do? They re-selected the auto-renewal, and obtained my new credit card information fraudulently, and charged me over $80.00 as a renewal. I had to cancel my credit card, tell my credit card company that McAfee committed fraud, and get a new card number. This company should be put out of business!!!

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  • De
      Aug 24, 2011

    I had McAfee years ago on an old computer. I've been getting both mail and emails requesting that my credit card be updated for my renewal subscription. I contacted McAfee notifying them that I no longer had that computer, and requested that they stop trying to obtain current credit card information. I spoke to someone in India. Not only did they have my wrong (old) email address, but my old address since I had moved. Yesterday, August 23rd, I received an email that was transferred to my new email account, that I was charged over $80.00 for a renewal on a computer I no longer had. I checked my credit card, and lo and behold they obtained my new credit card information. I knew I had taken off my auto-renewal since my computer was replaced, so not only did they go and put my account into auto-renewal, they fraudulently charged a credit card that had no balance and was not being used! I immediately contacted my credit card company and requested that they remove the fraudulent charges, close out my account and issue another card number. McAfee claims that they work with the banks and credit card companies to obtain the new information so that their customers do not have a lapse in subscription. THIS COMPANY IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!! THEY STEAL ACCOUNT INFORMATION IN ORDER TO GET BUSINESS. Any reputable company who wants your business would not do this, especially if you do not update your credit card number after it expires!!! There should be class-action lawsuit against them to prevent their stealing money from accounts!

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  • Ad
      Feb 12, 2016

    I am currently working in middle east.
    I just bought dell laptop. mcafee came preinstalled in it.

    I am sure that cost of the antivirus is included in the the price of my laptop.

    why am I forced to buy something, I don't need/ask for??????

    wen I contacted customercare, their answer was not satisfactory.

    I want refund of the money I paid for this.

    can anyone lookinto this issue?

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