Maytag / refrigerator

AZ, United States

Purchased a new Maytag refrigerator about 3 weeks ago from Home Depot. After about 4-5 days realized it was freezing everything in the refrigerator. Home Depot replaced the refrigerator with the same model and we got the same result. Like fools, after talking to Maytag about a replacement, we got a third one. Voila, the freezing problem was solved. We plugged it in at 3 PM, 7 AM the next day the temp inside the refrigerator was 70. The light was on, a fan was running so it was not a power problem. Home Depot is not to blame on this one, just Whirlpool/Maytag. Beware, Whirlpool also owns Amana and KitchenAid, so they all may be crap.


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