Mattress Firm / defective mattresses, poor service

West Park Blvd, Plano, TX, United States

I purchased an expensive Sterns & Foster mattress and box springs and within a year the mattress was sagging and I was having back aches. I contacted them to come out and look at it, and I was told I had to go through this ridiculous process of submitting lots of paper work, waiting 4-6 weeks before my complaint would be processed, then would have to pay them!!! $25 to inspect the complaint, and then pay them again another delivery/transportation fee. The sales person at the store was arrogant, combative, and only too happy to hand me all the paper I would need to process my complaint, with no indication that it would be taken care of in an expedient manner. DO NOT PURCHASE from this company no matter what they tell you. Their sales people don't last but a few months and are on commission.

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