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Archers Sleepcentre Complaints 2

5:27 am EDT

Archers Sleepcentre dura york damask single mattress with faux suede divan base

I ordered the bed in extra long because my son is 6'5". The bed arrived and I measured it immediately and discovered it was the standard length. I tried calling the delivery men who were still downstairs but they did not answer their phone. I phoned Archers to complain and was told that I had ordered the wrong size and that I could get a refund but it would cost me £70 to return it which was 50% the price of the bed itself. I'm now stuck with the wrong bed and can do nothing.

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12:44 am EDT

Archers Sleepcentre Didn't deliver the mattress

I have bought a mattress from Archers Sleep Centre online. They told I can choose the date of delivery. I specially took a day off from my work and they didn’t come. I called to their customer service and they apologized for the inconveniences and told that the mattress will be delivered 4 days later, but it was not.

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Nik Nak87
, US
Sep 02, 2016 2:25 am EDT

I placed my order, I was sent an email and a follow up text to say it was coming on the Friday. The night before I got a final text to give me a 4 hour window. On the day, I had a text from the courier to say that it wasn't in the warehouse to collect so would not be delivered. I contacted Archers who apologised and assured me that it would definatley be with me the next day. That night I had repeat communications and the next morning a text to say it still wasn't at the warehouse. After already taking a day off work, I gave the company one last chance. They guaranteed delivery for today (2/9/16). I got all the usual communications to confirm delivery for today only to receive a text this morning to say it wasn't in the warehouse and would not be delivered. I have asked for a refund. Be warned that they will tell you anything and deliver nothing!

Richard H Osborne
Saltash, GB
May 27, 2015 7:04 am EDT
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Order Ref X65686
I am most disappointed with the service received against the above order. The bed and mattress were eventually delivered late without the headboard. This was promised to be delivered on the following Tuesday which was acceptable. When I telephoned to ascertain the time of delivery, there was still no sign of it. I had no option but to cancel it as I was not prepared to be messed about any more. I was told that "I would receive an email when the returned payment had been processed" Not having received the email I checked up on its process when I was told that it would take "5 working days to process". Retaining the money due to me for a further week is not good practice.
The bed is only the first piece of furniture that I need to purchase for my bedroom. I need to purchase additional furniture valued at over £1K which I was prepared to purchase through Archer Sleep Centre. However having been let down over the headboard and its refund, I shall order this additional furniture through another supplier.
Richard H Osborne
19 Janeva Court
Liskeard Road
Cornwall PL12 4FD

Leicester, GB
Nov 16, 2012 1:51 pm EST
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Ordered Furmanco MiBed Perua Electric Adjustable Single Bed with End Drawer (or should I say without)

I was searching for an electric bed for my mum who was in hospital for an operation, the doctor said she will take 6 months to recover. The bed was ordered with next day delivery so we can have it ready for her. They sent 50% of the order and left the other items. When I called them, they said well we cannot do anything now, and they would have to refund us for the item that was not delivered.

What is the point in paying for a set of items, for next day delivery if you cannot deliver. It has been over a week now and I have not been told whether they would send me the items or give me a refund.

When I called them they lied that the manager is on holiday, then I call again demanding to speak to the manager then a crazy thing happened. The manager had just come back from the holiday. Holiday to where? to the toilet?

This company really looked reputable and spending the extra £30 was worth having a smile on my mums face after a major operation.

Please, Please, Please avoid them, I should have purchased from the high street like tescos.

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