Mashreq Bank / signature not detecting at the bank computer system, problem with it department,


I transferred my personal Loan to Mashreq bank from ADCB, recently, loan got approved and the balanced amount credited to my account after the settlement in ADCB. Unfortunately, I did not receive any Couriers from the bank. providing loan details, salary account details, no debit card revived, no check book received, for the last 6 months I didn't go for any vacation too. Many times, I visited your Abu Dhabi Khalifa street branch, they said, it is an IT Department issue, they also sent many mails and reminders, unfortunately, they didn't resolve the issue yet. I am now not able to draw the money as my signature is not detecting in your system, and as we know, there will be a 3-4 days holidays in this week, so i should draw the money today itself. I request you to resolve the issue and make it possible today.
Issues by point

1. I did not receive Debit Card yet, even 2 months after I starts account
2. No cheque Book Received
3. Not able to draw money from the bank as my signature is not detecting in the Bank computer system

Pradeep Kumar
Date : 2017 Nov 27 Tuesday
(Phone: [protected])
Account Number : [protected]

Mashreq Bank
Mashreq Bank

Nov 28, 2017

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