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Maruti Swift, Diesel / problem in engine

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This is to inform you that on 1st of nov 2007, I got the delivery of new swift diesel (ldi model) from automotive manufacture pvt. ltd, nasik, maharashtra.
After taking the delivery of the vehicle I drove down the car to my residence at that time the engine was making a lot of noise so the next day I went to the automotive showroom and gave my complain because diwali was approching all the staff were busy in their work so they requested me to come on 4th nov, 2007.
I visited on the same day to the showroom but I was again told that as it was diwali time and because the concerned mechanics for diesel swift were on leave so they told me to come after diwali.
In the mean time whenver I drove the car there was lot of knocking in the engine also the vehicles feel was rough while driving.
On 10th of nov 2007 I contacted the sales manager of automotive mrs. yogini to look into the matter and she replied that not to worry and told me that she will personally speak to the works manager mr. deepak chitalkar about the problem. as he was on leave for diwali she told me to come on 19th nov, 2007 and the problem will be attended. on 19th of nov at 9 am I went tp the showroom and as per said mr. deepak attended me for the query and he personally took the vehicle for test drive. after he drove the vehicle he confirmed that there was knocking, noise in the engine, also the power was not sufficient and told me to leave the vehicle for inspection. on the same day he contacted me and said that he has reprogrammed the vechile's ecm and called me for a test drive, again after test drive there was no change in the problem which he also noticed, then he said to me that he had a doubt with the turbo jet diesel fuel which was in the vehicle and told me to use the vehicle anf after the fuel tank is empty fill in a regular diesel fuel so the noise and knocking will stop of the engine. on that day I got my vehicle back and on 21st of nov 2007 I drove down to bombay and I was carrying 20 lt of regular diesel in a 20 lt can and after the fuel was empty while coming from mumbai I filled the tankwith the regular diesel which I was carrying after that I drove my vehicle for 100km but still to my suprise found that there was no change in the knocking in the engine. I contacted mr. deepak for the same and told me to get the vehicle back for checking. I again visited the showroom on 22nd in the morning and mr. deepak took the vehicle for inspection. he called me at 2. 30 pm and told me that there were some sensor problems and there is the switch which is located behind the clutch which was little jam and because of that the ecm was not getting proper signals but now which has been taken care of. he also told me that they wanted to conduct further inspection of the vehicle and told me to come to the showroom on 23rd nov morning. the next day when I went there that time mr. deepak said that the problem was resolved and told me tot ake a test drive, we both went for a test drive but still to my suprise there was no change in the vehicle performence. he told me that his knocking is there in all vehicles and u should not worry abt it which I was not convinced. I requested him to take out another vehicle and take for a test drive and confirm the noise, he did the same and found that the other vehicle had no knocking and noise in the engine which he was also convinced. we parked the vehicle next to eachother and found that there was diff in the noise of the engine, my cars engine was flattering hard and the other vehicle engine was soft. he told me that he still had a doubt on the fuel which was in my vehicle and said the it was adultrated.
This was the second time that he had a doubt on the fuel so I told him to clear the doubt by replacing the fuel from the tank. after replacing the fuel he again went for the test drive but still noise was there which he also confirmed. now, after replacing the fuwl for th third time it hs been noticed that there is no problem with the vehicle but the problem is thee in the engine and it was from day one. they told me to keep the vehicle for some more days for further inspection. it is a unfortunate situation that a brand new vehicle is having problems right from day one and that there is no satisfactory answer by maruti.
I request maruti to look into this matter on urgent basis and I want the engine to be replaced with a new one because it is faulty engine. please revert as soon as possible.

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  • Ra
      4th of Apr, 2011
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