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6:22 am EST
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ACF Car Finance WARNING! - Swindled by ACF CAR FINANCE - DO NOT BUY!!!

I have gone through The process of getting a car through (ACF) Car Finance - Before you agree to anything what so ever I would urge you to read this and be VERY VERY CAREFUL.

These are the reasons in summary why I don't think you should by a car from them... following that is my experience .
1. The interest rate they charge is totally extortionate.
2. Even though they are making a lot of money through the extortionate interest rate, if some thing goes wrong with that car even just a few weeks after you have it or you discover that something was wrong when you buy it, they will do every thing in their power not to pay to fix it, (Basically your on your own)
3. If you decide after a year or so that you think the rate is to high so you think OK ill hand it back or sell it and use that money to pay off the finance. THEY WILL NOT LET YOU. They will continue to force you to complete the agreement monthly so that they get there hands on the stupidly high interest rate even if you have never missed a payment.
4. When you are buying the car they will be nice to you even take money off (the already inflated price of the car) but if you have any problems after that with the car or with the finance you are on your own.
5. Even though they are making £££££££££ of you they will sell you the car no with no tax.
6. They are not honest.
7. Basically in my opinion they are loan sharks.


I bought a Ford Focus convertible from ACF finance in MARCH 2012, for those who don't know ACF are specialists in arranging finance for people that have a poor credit rating for what ever reason. The first thing that you need to take in to consideration is the interest rate they charge you is a total rip off, not only that the car prices are 2-3 thousand pounds even more sometimes over the going rate.

The car that I got was listed in there 'show room' (A converted garage) for just over 10K. Which at first they said they would not give me that because it was to expensive for me.

After trying to shove a really rubbish over priced Astra down my throat I said thanks but no thanks I'll leave it. At which point they said to me OK sir maybe we can give you the Ford Focus convertible after all. So he went up stairs for a few minutes came down stairs and said OK we will give you the Ford Focus, I then pointed out that the asking price for the car based on it's mileage and going rate was way over the top, I got my iPhone out went to auto-trader and found similar cars for 2-4 thousand pounds less. So he went upstairs again and said ok we can do the car for £8000. After getting the insurance online and signing the paper work I drove the car home, knowing that the interest was a bit high but that's the price you pay for having poor credit.

The next day I got up and went to go and by tax for the car...the car was CLAMPED out side my house. Now I bought this car on a Sunday evening, there was no way I could have got tax till the Monday, my car was clamped at 7AM by the DVLA, after calling and explaining they said that there was nothing they could do I would have to pay a release fee after I showed them the TAX disk so I took a cab (more money down the drain) to the DVLA office paid the fee and the car was released, before I did so though I called ACF and told them what had happened they basically said "tough luck". Today I just got back from a court hearing as the DVLA decided to prosecute and even though I provided all the evidence that I bought the car the day before they have hit me with a fine of £890 but they said because I bought it the day before they will reduce it to £290! (Thanks for that chaps) :-|
Also during the time I have had the car I called them about 3 months after I had it to tell them that the gear box was not working correctly as it kept slipping out of gear one. They told me the car was ok when we gave it to you sorry you will have to fix it your self.

A few months ago I called them because I thought I might loose my job, I suggested that they sell the car or I sell the car the money I get from it will go on the outstanding balance and then if there was anything left I would pay. They said no sir we can't let you sell the car at the moment, but we will take it back when there is a year left to pay on the finance. Its in the small print at the back. (basically lets suck you dry first then rip you off again by buying the car back at a fraction of the price)

So basically since I drove away in the car I have realized that the agreement is totally in favor of the finance company and once they get you locked in there is no way out. DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THEM. Its like doing a deal with the devil.


I have taken the issue with the tax and decision from the court with my local MP, the DVLA has also been very unreasonable with their behavior up with my local MP - if you want to find out how things turned out find me on twitter

You have been WARNED!

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