Maruti Suzuki India Ltd / refused to give the maruti swift dizer (vdi) delivery.

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Date: 14th August 2009
General Manager (Sales)
Head Office
Maruti Suzuki India Limited,
Plot No 1, Neison Mandeia Road,
VBasant Kunj
New Delhi -110070

Sub: Refused to give the Maruti swift dizer (VDI) delivery.
Dear Sir,
With refer our booked Maruti swift dizer (VDI) dated 27.07.2009 vides receipt no. 867 with Rs. 50, 000/- (Fifty Thousand). In this connection T.M. Motors P. Ltd., Bharatpur informed to us by Salesman on dated 11.08.2009 to take car delivery (Maruti swift dizer-VDI).
We went on Maruti Showroom (T.M. Motors P Ltd.), B- Narayan Gate, Bharatpur (Raj.) on dated 13.08.2009 to take car delivery with Insurance Cover Note No. (National Insurance Co., Nai Mandi Bharatpur) 3707010, dated 13.08.2009 along with DD. No. 450409 Dated 13.08.2009, sum of Rs. 557, 273/- we contact with Mr. Manish Nagar and Mr. Nitin (Accountant) and discussed in the Showroom and Mr. Heera Singh refused to delivery & said the Insurance of Car will be done in my company otherwise I can’t give the car on basic of other company’s insurance. So we are going to consumer court against your showroom dealer.
Legally he can’t deny to delivery of Maruti swift dizer (VDI). We are enclosed herewith photocopy of Booking Receipt, Insurance Cover No. and DD final amount of Maruti swift dizer (VDI) for your ready reference.
Further please note that we have already give the complained to your New Delhi office on Telephone No. 011 [protected] to Mr. Abhinav Bhatia & Jaipur Office on Telephone No. [protected] to Ms. Shashi and on Toll Free No. [protected] on dated 13.08.2009 & given complained no. 6068517321we regret to inform you that no response in this matter so far.
You are therefore requested to please take the action against your Showroom Dealer (T.M. Motors P. Ltd., Bharatpur Raj.) he is unnecessary harassment to customer.
Thanking You

Devi Singh Kuntal
118, Gurunanak Colony,
Bharatpur (Raj.) 321001
Mob. [protected], [protected]

CC: Manager, 7th Floor Pooja Tower, 3 Gopalpura bypass, Tonk Road, Jaipur.
CC: Managing Director, T.M. Motors Pvt. Ltd., Bharatpur (Raj.)
CC: GM. (Sales North) Department, Maruti Suzuki india Ltd., Old Palam Gurgaon Road, Gurgaon.
CC: Rajasthan Patrika Pvt. Ltd., Bharatpur (Raj.).
CC: Dainik Bhaskar, Bharatpur (Raj).
CC: Consumer Affairs.

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  • Ab
      May 11, 2008

    Date :May 9, 2008

    Dear Sir
    An order was Booked for SWIFT LDI WHITE on 24-04-2008 with the authorised dealer in AGRA M/s KAVISHA MOTORS AGRA PVT.LTD. vide Order Booking Form No. 536 .
    An advance was also given vide Ch.No.458817 Dtd.24-04-08 for Rs.100, 000.00. This cheque was subsequently deposited and proceeds of the same were debited to the dealer's a/c on 28-04-08

    The order form clearly mentions appx. delivery period 7 days.
    This period has expired on 01-05-08. Even if additional grace period of 5 days is taken into a/c this ended on 06-05-08. Till today the vehicle has neither been delivered to us nor the concerned people are ready to confirm anything . They keep on saying that the the MD of their company is out of town and would be back soon
    We are afraid we have been cheated and taken for a ride. That too by the vendor of a company that claims to be at par with international standards.

    Kindly advise your dealer to treat this as our last reminder and advance notice to him through you . If we don't get the delivery of the vehicle within the next 48 hours, we shall take legal action against them entirely at their costs & expense.
    Please advise further to your dealer that this matter will be out to the press and the electronic media in the next 24 Hours if don't receive written delivery date confirmation from them

    Thank You
    20/4, Maruti Towers, Sanjay Place

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  • As
      Sep 27, 2009

    There is quite monopoly at dealer's end in B and C Grade cities, due to this dealers create several such problems to customers.

    I am facing problem during purchase in KOTA, Bhatia and Company, I booked the vehicle on 25th August 2009 and was assured of delivery on 30th Sept 2009 (Azure Grey).

    Now on 26th Sept 2009 I was communicated that the vehicle could not be delivered in Azure Grey and since all the bank formalities and advance of 50000 has been given I don't have any option out in this small time interval.

    Since 30th Sept 2009 has been declared as auspicious day for purchase for my family, I have no option left for looking at other cities like Jaipur, Udaipur etc.

    Hope that somebody else doesn't come into this trap.

    Monopoly should end to enhance competitive and consumer friendly dealing.

    Ashish Jain

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  • De
      Nov 10, 2009
    MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LTD - Delay in delivery of Estilo VXI-ABS
    Car manufacturing

    I booked Estilo VXI-ABS on 25 sept 2009 with one up motors india pvt ltd.At the time of booking i was told that car will be delivered after Diwali but latest by 25 oct 2009.I have made full payment to the dealer.Car is not delivered till date after 45 days of booking.Dealer is pressurising me to accept the delivery of another variant of his choice

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  • Yo
      Mar 27, 2011
    MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LTD - Manufacturing Defects

    With reference to the subject my car has a manufacturing defect’s (Chassis No.-945319 ) as in its production a negligence and a woeful mistake has been committed which is quite unbelievable.
    In 11, 000 K.M.S of driving my car has gone more than 11 times to Maruti authorized service centers. I have spent my precious time in giving the car for its problem resolving
    Rather than driving it. I am completely devastated with the no. of times my car has gone to the service centers again & again for the same problem.

    I am also giving the list of job cards of my care mentioned below & also it photocopies being attached.

    [protected] 16-11-2010 K.T.L LKO(1302) 2179
    [protected] 28-11-2010 K.T.L LKO(1302) 3277
    - 18-12-2010 K.T.L LKO(1302) 5155
    [protected] 09-01-2011 CONCEPT(QE01) 6010
    FREE CHECKUP 23-01-2011 CONCEPT(QE01) -
    [protected] 08-02-2011 CONCEPT(QE01) 8047
    0020619 20-02-2011 M.MOTORS& SRV 9671
    NO. REF. GIVEN 27-02-2011 CONCEPT(QE01) -
    [protected] 09-03-2011 K.T.L LKO(1302) 9929
    [protected] 14-03-2011 CONCEPT(QE01) 10904
    [protected] 14-03-2011 CONCEPT(QE01) 10904
    [protected] 16-03-2011 CONCEPT(QE01) 10969
    [protected] 23-03-2011 CONCEPT(QE01) 11159

    In a new car how could it has to been sent again & again for the same issues as if I have not a purchased a new car but purchased a bullock ride.

    I purchased my first car in 1987(MARUTI 800) & since than I am one of the loyal customers of Maruti as I earlier never faced any such issues.

    The problems in my car started right from the beginning as some sound came from the front side of car and after repeated complains the problem was not solved. As on 23-03-2011when I again went to the CONCEPT (QE01) workshop the dashboard of car was opened by the mechanic he drives the vehicle & says the sound is coming from inside the FRONT RIGHT PILLAR & decides to open it. And after it’s opening to the shock it was found that the two joints were separately hanging and not welded which was the huge blunder in its production stage. Immediately the photographs were taken & sent to Lucknow Zonal office.(Contact Person- T.S.M Sumit Singh Mangat).

    After Communication made between Sumit Singh Mangat & CONCEPT(QE01) I was told that the FRONT RIGHT PILLAR going to be welded as per the Instructions given by the T.S.M.

    The other continuous problem is that the Wheel Rim is continuously getting de-shaped as 5 wheel rims has been replaced & changed on F.O.C Basis and 1 wheel rim has been changed on payment basis but still the problem of de-shaping of rims continues.

    Moreover, how such a blunder has happened as I made the payment of Approx. Rs 4 lakh for a new & trouble free ride of car not for the welded car patch up work. As from its purchase date 05-11-2010 to 26-03-2011 the car is having continuous and never ending problems.

    Hoping that you will look towards the above matter as give a solution to my satisfaction as I want the car should be replaced with & I would like to have a brand new ‘Wagon R Duo LXI Model’, which should be perfect as being a manufacturing defect and a mistake committed on the part of by MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LTD.
    Yogesh Mehrotra

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