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Maruti / service

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Dear sir,
I am a maruti suzuki car owner but “not a proud owner”. I bought my alto fun edition dl7ch 1058 from bagga link patparganj delhi on 13th march 2007. initially all the things going well but unfortunately on 11 jan 2008 I met with an accident and my car got damaged. from 12 jan 2008 to approximately 1 month my car was standing in bagga link premises for service and insurance claim. and after one month when I took my car on road then very next day my car was break down and I called up to “maruti on road services” then the maruti engineer told me that your car fan was not working that’s is why your car get break down and then some others problem came one by one. for those reason I visit several times to bagga link and I don’t get neither satisfactory service neither satisfactory answer and then one day I found that my power steering model harder then a normal maruti “800’s” then I registered a complain at maruti regional office.

then I got very good response from your side mr. uday raj engineer from maruti visit to bagga link and he called us to bagga link. I met with him and that time he rectifies the problem but after some days I am facing the same problem. and I went back to bagga link with the same problem then mr. vijay kumar / mrs. shashi from customer care was not behave properly and he denied to give me services, he told us that maruti itself will not take any responsibility for this, because you showed your vehicle out side form bagga link now bagga link will not give you any services. the behave of both the persons is not good. even they people are not bothered to solve my problem, I showed my my vehicle from starting to them only, then why should I go some other place and pay twice for the same problem when I know my car can be rectified only in bagga link without paying anything.

so I am asking this question to you, as you are a “managing director” of this company, sir is it possible for that almost 6 months and I am going again and again to bagga link for services and insurance claim. and I know that I am getting my things without any charges then why should I go to some other engineer when my case spoiled by bagga link?? this is very bad and gives bad impact to your services.

You as a company always emphasis and talk about “customer satisfaction” but I am very sorry to say that I am being a maruti customer I am not at all satisfy with your customer care services and the people in customer care department.

Please tell me what is my mistake I met with an accident and god save me is that my mistake?? or I bought my car with bagga link is that my mistake?? or I bought maruti suzuki car is that my mistake?? please help me to get out of this problem as I am really fed up with these problems.

Hope you will help me and take my complain seriously and will take some appropriate action to give me peace of mind as I also want to be a proud owner of india’s best car maruti suzuki.

Looking for your positive and early response.

Thanks & regards
Humaira begum

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  • Ta
      5th of Jun, 2007
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    I had buy a maruti omni on 02-feb-2007 from kavisha motors, agra. Vehicle goes every week for service. Please tell vehicle is made for my use or for workshop. No response of md, workshop manager. Stay away!

  • Pr
      3rd of Aug, 2007
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    Maruti - Poor car performance

    Earlier i have diesel version of car from Maruti. But was not performing well and was creating problem finally i sold the car within 1yr. No one from the dealer or Maruti listened to my problem.

    Reader's pls beware before buying as Maruti is not good in diesel version.

  • Se
      15th of Oct, 2007
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  • Ma
      24th of Nov, 2007
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    Maruti - not attending complaint in one of ur service centres
    rohan motors,mathura rd. b-1 f9

    i am standing in ur above service centre from last two hrs & no body is bothering at all & i am with family .
    no body is taking care of the matter .

  • Sa
      12th of Jul, 2008
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    Hello Sir,

    I am Santosh Thakur, I have two models of mauti one is 800 and another is WagonR, I have purchased 800 in november 2005 and WagonR is on 23 jun 2008. Both cars I have Purchsed from Bagga Link Patpar Ganj.
    At first time I was new with all like driving, and handling of car, that time when ever i feel any problem (my car was tilt from driver side, horn was not smoothly operated, gear is slightly tight and have chuck sound) I asked to service inchrge at the time of servicing, they always reply this is normal problems it is not to be repaired, but after all free and paid servicing I took it to other service station and spend some money and all problem is rectified. All senior staff are only busy will filling their ISO format and requesting for give them best grade. I also complaint to customer care about that when they calld me after servicing feedback but they didn't call me again.
    After that due to sales persons behaviour(Mr. Aalok Upadhyay) I again went to Bagga Link to purchase my next car, and today (12 july) I went for first service, situation is worst than before, they are taking cars for servicing more than the capacity. I know the huge pressure of customer but what if u didn't take care of them, all senior staff is busy with their ISO format, Juniors are doing what they found written on thir job card, I went to see where my car was treated due to my privious experience i want to see what they are doing I went there but staff said that I am not allowed to visit there, when I asked that It is not indicate any where then they said what happen if not writen but our GM will take action on staff and also our technical staff will disturb and and ur work will not done properly. after messing with these people I came back to customer longe and sit there for 2hr. when I found not any reply from any staff then i went to front office I saw that the operator was in process to call me, I went there and after payment i asked to security guard that where is my car they, they call a person to bring my car he bring my car from back yard and hand over to me. No body asked for test that vehicle is properly repaired or not what about rectification of complaints. NO proper dusting, some body who may chewing Gutka he split some amount on left side seat.

    No matter, I don't know this mail will reach to you or not.

    But I found my car unrepaired, Only I seen that person to change oil and filter, they adjust steering but it is not done properly, gear is still have chuck soung when i realese clutch, I feel some hard sound when my car cross through speed braeker or some broken area of road.

    It is sure that I am not going again for servicing there, and also If I will able to buy new car again in life I will take other option of dealer.

    Hope for better reply


    9891943493, 9312952929

  • Ma
      30th of Nov, 2008
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    Dear Sir,

    I am Manoj Kumar Yaduvanshi. I purchased ALTO LXI on 17-Nov-2007. It has been just one year. I have got my all the car services done from Rohan Motors Noida Sec -1 at time. There was no problem after First and Second service but after Third service I am having a lot of problems.

    First problem is that after third service, I noticed that Engine oil was being leakage from my car and I discussed with the concerned person at Rohan Motors he asked me to take the car to their service center. I went to there but in between entire Engine oil has leaked and my car stopped on the way. After a lot of discussion they sent somebody and took my car to the service station. The filled the Engine oil and said now there will not be any problem, sometimes it happens.

    Second Problem I noticed that my Clutch was not functioning properly. It was not as comfort as it was before the service. I went to Rohan service center 2-3 times, they kept my car at center for 3-4 hours but after that problem did not resolve. Then I complaint at Maruti (on 18001800180) (the Complaint no is 1298601508) after that they called me and said that they would have to open the Clutch and asked me to leave the car for the whole day. I did the same and they replaced a part that cost Rs 500/-. After that Clutch problem got resolved.

    Now I went to my Dholpur via Bharatpur. I drove the cat at 100 speed I heard some noise from the engine. In Bharatput I came to know that there is a problem in Engine. I was suggested not to drive the car more than 50-60 speed.
    This problem is due to oil leakage and careless service from Rohan motors because this problem I also discussed with them when I left my car for Clutch problem but they did not care and said it happens there is no problem.

    It was very fearless Journey for me when I went to Dholpur and came back to Delhi with my family.

    Sir now I don't have trust on Rohan Motor and don't want to leave my car with them.

    Please advise what I need to do and whom I can contact to.

    I also have registered a complaint on 18001800180. Complaint no. is 7823879198.

    Manoj Yaduvanshi
    DL5C F1269

  • Ma
      20th of Aug, 2009
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    After charging for job they didnt done the required work.Very bad experince.

  • Am
      22nd of Aug, 2009
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    Maruti - lack of after sales
    Maruti Udyog Limited

    Maruti has a good brand name but poor in after sales as I bought their new car Swift which they claim will give you a milage of 18km/l but it happened only for the first month and first 1000 km after that milage came down to 13km/l as of now.

    After complaining about it to RANA Motors abot 5 times still no action has been taken so kindly suggest me how should i proceed.


  • Bh
      26th of Aug, 2009
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  • Ma
      1st of Sep, 2009
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    after lodging complaint in ur cell i just got a call from maruti staff infoming me ----O K TELL US THE NAME OF SUPERVISER.WE ARE TELLING THE MANAGEMENT>THATS ALL
    Dear sir
    this was the reaction from maruti jagmohan, Rohtak.Please tell me to whom i should contact for my complaint? Should i go to consumer cell?Thnx

  • Ma
      1st of Sep, 2009
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    Maruti - Poor service
    Maruti Jagmohan,Rohtak,Haryana

    there is no response after filing complaint of Maruti jagmohan Rohtak, Haryana.Still i m waiting the action taken.thnx

  • Vi
      18th of Sep, 2009
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    meri swift car jo maine MY CAR kanpur se le hai car lete waqt taflon coating ka payment kiya tha 3 service ka wada kiya tha but 1 service hi ki hai jab car service par jati dealer khata hai aaj taflon wala hai nhai baad me karva lijiya ga name of owner mr vijay narayan tiwari up78bd/4556 cell no-09839700903

  • Su
      6th of Oct, 2009
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    THE GM, DATE 06.10.2009
    SUB : Poor service and repairing
    dear sir,
    My vehicle Swift Zxi Model No: 263481-134302(KLO4V-3344) had gear slipping problem (mainly 2nd gear).During the course of free service period I had informed the matter is within the warranty period. I had serviced the vehicle with INDUS MOTORS Kayamkulam. But they had not cleared the problem therefore for next service I had given the vehicle in INDUS MOTORS ERNAKULAM reporting all the problems they also had not cleared the problem.As such the vehicle was given the INDUS MOTORS, METTUKAD TVC for service on June 2009. they told me that they had cleared all the problems and charged Rs 12, 000.00 After that a problem occur ed to the vehicle. I complained the matter to them. I had given the vehicle again to them after one week. But the problem has not been solved moreover the vehicle has got very serious problem such as clutch etc...
    The fuel consumption has increased Mileage lease. Before servicing the vehicle has an average mileage of 16/15. After service it has only 10/11 mileage. I reported the matter.
    But they have not repaired the vehicle so for. Therefor I kindly request you to look into the matter and make arrangements to service the vehicle with INDUS MOTORS, KAYAMKULAM which
    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,

  • Ab
      29th of Oct, 2009
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    Dear Concern person,

    I am a loyal customer of maruti car. At present I am using Maruti Zen Lxi DL8C K 0210.

    As I am in a need of another car for my wife, I booked another car, Maruti Dezire Vxi, at Marketing Times Automobiles Pvt Ltd, on 03/09/2009 and also paid Rs 10, 000/- as a token of booking for which I got a receipt, no 19713 dated 03/09/2009.

    From here onwards my pain starts.

    From this date onwards i started getting calls from different dealers that the desired car is available with a nominal premium, you cancel the booking and we will deliver you in a weeks time with a nominal premium on the desired model of the car.

    And at this point of time I started feeling myself cheated.

    In case if a dealer provides me the car with in a weeks time then why there is a waiting period!
    all because of some extra profit in the name of premium?
    Atleast its not the case with other companies.

    All I know is that I am a customer with ready money and I want a car for my personal use so why somebody should take the advantage of earning extra in this competitive market when every company is trying to attract customers giving discounts.

    All I want a car, MARUTI DEZIRE Vxi WHITE COLOUR.
    Money is ready with me and i will take on cash down payment.

    I will wait for a weeks time to somebody, get back to me from the company for the confirmation of the delivery of the car or i will go to search for some other options readyly available in the open market.


    D-614 Basement
    Chittaranjan Park
    New Delhi-110019

  • Sa
      1st of Jan, 2010
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    Maruti - late delivery
    modern automobiles

    i booked a car wagonr duo thro csd paid the money in full.. paid it on 14 dec 10 to modern automobiles, ambala... so far i have nt received the car... they dont bother to give a descent reply.dont kinow whats happening... now i heard thats the case wit many officers of defense-- delayed delivery in modern ...will some one look into the matter? or its just another govt organisation? sleeping to glory

  • Yo
      15th of Feb, 2010
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    I have purchase a MARUTI WAGON-R LXI on 20/01/2010 on the same day I have inform to ETARNAL MOTORS, BHAVNAGAR that the gearbox problem in the same car after that I have lodge a complain in the same service centre but no any response from BHAVNAGAR dealers and as per his service manager it is a company fault, so that I have demand that change my car gearbox but after 20 day there is no any response and my car is till in his service centre from 02/02/2010 . No any proper service from MARUTI SERVICE and bodies are take interest in this type of problem. My car is just 100 k.m. run.

  • Bi
      28th of May, 2010
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    I Bikash Tulsian having a Maruti Swift, bearing Orissa Registration No. OR 14R 5832

    My car was accident on 14th february 2010 at Bhubaneswar, it was demaged front side only, i had given to JYOTI MOTORS at Bhubaneswar for repairing on the same day. Due to my Insurance of another Company it is my fault to start the work in time because i live in Birmitrapur and i come back to home so it takes maximum 20days to complete all the paper work.

    today may 2010 ending is going on till date my car was not completed and always saying 1week 1week to repair.

    so i request you to kindly take serious to this matter and oblidge

    thanking you

    Bikash Tulsian

  • Na
      17th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    Silencer and Bumper get rubbed off even on slight bump on road. Problem with silencer

  • Ra
      24th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    With due respect I would like to inform you one complaint.I own a Maruti Sx4 numbered KL-31 4488.Once I approached Indus Motors Kanjirappally with the complaint of a sound from the front side.They told me that the steering box was having some problem and they replaced it(steering box assembly).Then I had warranty and the kilometers of my car was 25152 Then it was okay.Rightnow my car is just 30000 km and something and it shows the same complaint .I reported the same to INDUS MOTORS Kanjirappally in the service period of 30000km .Then they assured me that they will make it ready.Now I have ran out of my warranty.I had already applied to extend my warranty period, I paid rs6000 for that; that time I had normal warranty period .After two weeks they informed me that they did not get the warranty extented and they returned the money .
    Now I can not even drive my car due to the sound from the steering box.I am terribly disappointed with the the service and what should I do?Hope you understood my situation.Please take neccesarry actions.

    Yours faithfully
    Ansar Padickal
    Mbl-+91 9645009009

  • Vi
      5th of Dec, 2010
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    Maruti - delay in delivery of swift dzire

    I booked swift dzire VDI car on 11/09/2010, i inquired to dealer but have'nt got nay information. I want to know when i will get my car. I already waited nearly 3 months, i'm afraid of cheating, pl. inform me when i will get it!!!

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