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Maruti / service centre

1 India Review updated:

I own a Maruti Alto for the past two years. I shopped around for the third year insurance, I was amazed on the level of difference in amout by different dealers. Still I went ahead with the costliest of the lot, one of the service centre near my house M/s. Insuh Maruti Service Centre. he promised me Rs. 5114 as a premium for Rs. 202000 as car value. The day i called the insurance agent for collecting the cheque, he quoted me Rs. 5300. I negotiated so he came down to Rs. 5200. I paid him the cheque, the next he sent me the insurance paper, then I noticed that the car value he had taken was only Rs. 191000. i could have done nothing except calling him again for correcting it. then he said it is irreversible, to compensate he would give me 4 service coupons worth Rs.800. each of them bears 50% discount on service charge (400). He also said i could present 2 coupons and avail 100% discount. I thought fair enough as i get my car serviced two times a year.

Today, after a week, I sent my car for servicing, they say they only will accept 50% coupon. I say that their employee had promised me 100%, now they disown him saying his words cannot be counted. I had a argument with the manager Mr.Yadav ([protected])with no result and the owner Bindra ([protected]) is not picking up the phone.

Well, the point here is not the money, because they are anyhow charging around Rs.1500 for complete service except the labour charges which is. Rs.400. I am pissed off because of their false promised and misleading committments while selling their insurance. I feel more troubled because I lost my half day fighting with them which in turn affected my business. and ofcourse my call charges worth more than Rs.100.

In Total, stupid senseless services. This reflects on the effectiveness of Maruti service. Insuh is Maruti's Authorised (to trouble) Service Center.

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  • Ma
      9th of Nov, 2008
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    I totally agree which the teh complaint is given, Because i had problem with Maruthi services center in Madhpur.

    When i gave my vechicle they wrote it down all the Scratchs, on my car but when i went to take my car after service. I noticed that on my stratches on my car became double and the represantive who took the vechicle was very rude and he was Arguing with me.I asked him that i wanted to speak to manager he was out of station, he said that he will be back Tomorrow.
    and he told that him manager will cal me but ther is no call from him its being 2 months now.

  • Su
      22nd of Nov, 2008
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    Dear Sir,

    Now the situation seems to be too embracing for me as your Apra service Station (Gurgaon sector 14 in building no 15A) technical head Mr. Sunil Gupta said to deliver the car on 20th November, 2008 (earlier promised for the delivery on 08th November, 2008) but failed to do so and promised to handover the car ( Maruti Zen, Reg. No. DL 2CN 9286 ) on 21st November, 2008, but when I called Mr. Sunil Gupta on 21st November, 2008 for the delivery of the car he told me that now the shocker of the car are damage and the staring wheel is also damage, which is not true. Will you please let me know when I will get my car back as each an every day you promises for the delivery of the car and backout on this by giving every time new reason.

    Hoping for a reply from your side and positive response.


    Suresh Chand.


  • Na
      8th of Jun, 2009
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    i totaly dis agree wid maruti cm atuos ropar (pb)
    i have warranty and also extende warranty but my car excel not repaired by maruti in warranty the warranty is total money taking programmes for maruti. they cant do anything in warranty. cm atuos ropar (punjab ) also not do work in warranty they make money and money is everything for marutiiii

  • Fr
      2nd of Nov, 2011
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    Dear Sir,

    This is to inform you that I, Franklin Andrews residing in Malviya Nagar went to one of the Maruti Dealer (AAA Motors) in Savitri Nagar (near malviya nagar) to purchase a Maruti Ritz. I met with one of the associate names Manish Singh where he explained me that the car is available for the sale. I asked him what all documents would I be requiring which I was told. Then I asked him that I would purchase the car on a Car loan & how much % would I be getting from the bank. He told me that I can get 85% with 14-14.5% interest according to my profile, adding onto that I also told him that I would take the car for COMMERCIAL PRUPOSE. He said “That’s fine, no issues”
    The deal interest me and I said OK to them also he explained me how much the car would cost and gave me rough/ estimated amounts which came to a down payment amount of RS 95, 000/-. I agreed & came back and started collecting the relevant documents including 1 guarantor & his proof as well for them to submit it to the bank. Mentioned below is the detail of the cost of the car that was told to me when I first walked up to them which was an approx. calculation as per Manish:
    Ex-showroom Price: 403251/-
    Insurance: 21000/-
    Road tax: 20500/-
    Handling Charge: 4500/-
    N. Plate: 200/-
    H.P: 100/-
    Total: 449551/-
    Loan amount as per 85 %: 342000/-
    Down payment amount: 107551/-
    Processing fee: 4700 /- (approx. maximum amount)
    Discount plus co-operate discount: 18000/-
    Final amount as down payment: 94251/-

    After 2 days I received a call from Manish again stating that I would required to their office in order to pay the booking amount. I went & deposited the booking amount of RS 5000/-(16/10/2011). In the mean while my file was in the process of approval from Kotak Mahindra Bank. After 1 day I received a call from the bank for the verification from one of the agents where the verification was completed with all the accurate information given. I was also informing Manish at the same time that the verification has been done. Then next day I again received a call from the Kotak Mahindra bank from one of the approval manager for verification where he asked me number of question which I answered correctly also asked me the purpose of the vehicle for which I replied that I would be purchasing the car for COMMERCIAL PURPOSE. He said ok & the verification was completed. I again gave the update to Manish and he stated that he doesn’t think that there would be any problems, I was rest assured.

    Next Day in the morning, Manish himself called my & told me that “ Congratulation your loan has been approved BUT unfortunately it has been approved for only 75% & rest I need to pay as a down payment “. I was a little de- motivated but told him to speak to the authorities & see it some thing can be done to increase the percentage. He said he’ll again try. Next day me & and my brother went to their office to speak to them but they told that the maximum on commercial cars can be only 75%.

    After discussing it with my family, I was ok to get the car @ 75% of loan & below mentioned are the amount that was asked me to pay:

    Ex-showroom Price: 403251/-
    Insurance: 21000/-
    Road tax: 18500/-
    Handling Charge: 4500/-
    N. Plate: 200/-
    H.P: 100/-
    Total: 447551/-
    Loan amount as per 75 %: 300000/-
    Down payment amount: 147551/-
    Processing fee: 4700 /- (approx. maximum amount)
    Discount plus co-operate discount: 18000/-
    Final amount as down payment: 134051/-

    On Friday, Manish with Saurabh (personnel from Kotak Mahindra Bank) came to my house to get my signature on the bank documents. After signing the document I confirmed with Saurabh that is it confirmed that I have been approved 75% loan on my commercial car & he replied YES. I was asked by Saurabh to submit the required number of cheques to complete the procedure.

    Sunday (30/10/2011) I received a call from Manish that we can come & give the down payment amount (1, 28, 105/- as per the actual calculation after approval of loan)
    I went to the showroom to submit the amount, the mode of payment was thru my credit cards to I was told that I would be charged 2.5% transaction fee extra, however I was fine with it. I paid the amount the billing was done and was told by Manish that the delivery of the car would be on Wednesday 2nd November for sure. I was happy.

    On Monday (31/10/2011) I received a call from Manish that there is a slight problem from the bank end. This was told to me by Manish, that the bank agent (Saurabh) presented my case file as a PRIVATE vehicle type instead of COMMERCIAL type & that is why my loan was approved for 75% however now after all the talks from their end still the bank has approved the loan on commercial type but only for 65%. I was very disappointed with this news. I told Manish that this is absolutely not fair when everything has been approved and done also the billing has been done. I asked Manish to speak to the bank and see if something can be done however the answer after few hours was “NO”.

    I went to their office the next day & after speaking to them I was informed that unfortunately the maximum would be only 65% and I needs to give additional 44, 400/- towards the down payment amount. I was seriously pissed with the behavior that was given to me & they felt that it was OK. I spoke with the manager & he studied the case and after all the back ground check by him the conclusion came to which was told to me earlier. In evidently I was forced to cancel the car due to such miss communication goof-ups. The manager ( Parminder- I guess if i recall his name) clarified from one of the offices that whether RITZ can be considered under commercial purpose but came out to be that Maruti is not allowing RITZ to be on commercial purpose.

    Secondly I was told thrice on different price about the deal of the car which they themselves were not sure off.

    Thirdly, when I spoke about cancelling the deal they forced me on taking other cars but I insisted on cancelling the deal. They told me the procedure that I have to write a letter for the cancellation& would get my refund cheque within 10 days. Also I would not get my 2.5% transaction fee that I paid extra for swiping my credit card for the down payment amount. They were telling me that it is the bank who charges that 2.5% they do not get benefit out of it. I work for an International Bank (Citibank) for credit cards & I know how the finances work which they were trying to fool me. Satish from their finance department had no words to say when I gave them right & left on how credit cards works.

    I spoke with my credit card service provider to reconfirm on the issue & they confirmed that it is the merchant (AAA Maruti) who would have the decision to pay or not.

    My concern over here is if the deal is getting cancelled due to the circumstances as I didn’t wanted that but I was asked to do that indirectly why would I NOT get that 2.5% also back when the deal is not happening. I WANT EVERY SINLGE PENNY BACK.

    It is a request from me to look into this matter as these people think & try to make a fool out of the consumer. I had lot of faith on MARUTI as my In-Laws had 4 Maruti cars in their houses but I guess the trust needs to be back after some time only. If still something can be done I’m still ready to take the Car & continue the business with Maruti in the future as well for my personal use.

    Franklin Andrews

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