Marshalls, South Plainfield, NJstolen gift card...

I use two twenty five dollar gift cards at Marshalls store in south Plainfield new nj, I spent only 38$ and change, which 11$plus, should have been returned on one of the two twenty five dollar gift card, The card I was given, I use today the the Marshall store at a different location, the chashier told me the credit card had zero dollars, as I explainof my purchase the night before, she suggested, to go back the the south Plainfield Marshall store, request for My Gift card that was Kept!...I did go to that Marshall store today, and explained my problem, A tall Indian Manager, about 50 years old? Said, that, when I left the store last night, clearly the gift card which had the money was used!, , Yes, it was use almost as soon as I was walking out the store, someone stolen My gift card! And spent My money, a Marshall Male, maybe Spanish young, tall, male was the chashier, the person who I gave my cards to, for my purchase, and clearly, he?? Kept the card of Value! ...I am very angry having this theft! And all the problems waiting! And go back to the stores, and not feeling any respect from this store manager! After fifty minutes of waiting, I was quickly given eleven dollar and change in cash, ...I gave my name and address to the manager, I want to know who it is that stole my gift card, so I can file a complaint with the Police department ASAP... so, please help me, I am asking for the name of the person who stole my gift card, and used it! I will contact My Lawayer. GAry Glynn Esq, from Edison, nj in seven business days to have Him take legal action if, I am not concats asap, and given the name and address so the police complain can be sent, , also, I will contact, three local News Papers to report what Happens, when shopping at Marshalls... Glen LePoidevin, 95. High street, Piscataway Nj, [protected], , Thank you

Jan 29, 2017

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