Marshalls / customer service/relations issue

I went to the store on 733 Lincoln Ln to return items, I purchased downtown, before my cruise, that I did not use . I went to this particular because it was closer to another super I needed to go to and because I had my carry on bags for my flight, I needed to make the least amount of trips as possible. I went b straight to the cashier upon entering the store. I had one item, a chi product for 14.99, that wasn't on the receipt. She said this item isn't on here would you like to keep it, I said sure. After completing the transaction I noticed my son had been looking / picking up some things so I went up by the cashier to wait. She said there is a bench so I went to sit because I was tired from traveling. My son came with his final purchase and I said let me look to see if I can find you some things because I heard this Marshalls had more fashionable stuff. I like around the men's section, found a few more shirts and headed toward the cashier. On my way a worker asked did I need a basket but I told him I was checking out. I paid for all the items and when I got to the bottom of the escalator the same man, who I later discovered is, Jonathan Bags in, store manager, said "you didn't pay for that", pointing at the chi product. I explained I came in with the product and he asked for the receipt. I explained the product wasn't on the receipt and the Cashier #3 said they must've skipped over the item, would you like to keep it? He said I didn't put the item on the counter but he must has observed the second transaction, where I didn't because it was already addressed . I said you can call to verify and he kept cutting me off, addressing me in a very accusatory manner that she said she didn't see this item. I match upstairs because o was disturbed and very angry that after I purchased over 500.00 worth of merchandise with Marshalls just in the two transactions, that I'm being approached in such a manner over 15.00. Once I went upstairs she said yes she has that item and she mistook him asking about "sheets" not "chi", he tries to retract and act as though he was not pressing me about it and that o CHOSE to go upstairs. I chose to go upstairs because of the mere fact I felt harassed. I was so taken aback by the whole situation that I couldn't think straight. I'm a hard working self employed black woman who chooses who I want to sirens my hard earned money with and I had, up until today, have been choosing to spend thousands of dollars with the Marshall brand. Because I'm self employed I keep all my receipts. Once I sat down I realized I supported my Marshalls on the way to the airport and purchased the Chi along with some other items
I'm sure I the receipt in the Bay, which I will check, once I arrive back in California. I have spent over 10k for my week vacation with my son, which I enjoyed. Too bad it ended on a sour note at your establishment. Perhaps it's because we're Arican Americans that walked in with bags that we looked like suspects but I assure you, we are not. I hate he had to witness this example profiling. I tried to call customer service but you were closed. I will be following up with a formal complaint with a general or regional matter until I feel it's been rectified properly.

Jul 28, 2018

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