Marlo Furnituremarlo furniture is a nightmare - warning-buyer beware-don't buy from this store!!!


Back in November 2008, I purchased a Berkline recliner couch and the 5- year warranty plan/scam. When it finally arrived at home (almost a month later) the couch was lopsided and defective. Long story short, between [protected] I had a repairman come to my house to attempt to fix the couch 4 times, before they finally ruled it to be defective! October 2010, they finally sent me a replacement couch which was also defective- in fact it was worse than the first couch! Not to mention the lack of response, run around and lousy customer service I received from the company. It was so bad I had to file a complaint with the attorney general and they still wouldn't give me a refund. The only solution they are offering me is another technician to come out to my house again for the 5th time or store credit. And this is with the Warranty plan- so apparently the warranty plan does not work. So the only lousy options I have now is to accept their crappy offer or take them to small claims court. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR- IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT BUYING FURNITURE- DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS RIP-OFF STORE - IF YOU DO, YOU'LL BE SORRY IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG WITH IT

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