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My husband has been parking his vehicle at Ashland Mapco, in Ashland Alabama for over 1 year. His vehicle was left there yesterday 05-08-2017 and nothing was done to his vehicle. Well today 05-09-2017 a new policy was supposedly put into place, my husbands truck was towed from Ashland Mapco. His truck wasn't even there 2 hours, they had it towed at 6:30 this morning. I called my old manager as I used to work for Mapco in Lineville and she hasn't even heard of this "new policy" the clerk in Ashland spoke of.. I find this highly wrong and my husband can't even get his truck back today, he got permission over 6 months ago to leave his vehicle there while he went to work at Honda in Lincoln. I feel as though they went about this the wrong way, they could have easily called and used the tag number to find the owner and called me his wife to come pick up the truck. If someone will please contact me about this "new policy" that would be greatly appreciated.. you can either call [protected] or [protected]..

May 09, 2017

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