Mango Airlines / worst customer service

Joburg, South Africa

I had a flight from jhb to pe on the 22/05/2015, there was a accident en route and I was 10 min late for my flight (I drove 350km) to get to the airport. The lady by the name of gugu was so reude and just told me you're late and you have to go to guest counter, even a worst nightmare, got there only to be told by a even more rude lady by the name of dinana that I will have to pay a new amount which is the equivalent of the purchase price of the ticket I already bought, being a bit upset and out of breath as I had to run from long parking stay a km away, I specifically asked her if it guarantees me a flight on the next plane she said yes. I asked her if she was sure that I wouyld get it and she said yes, she then abruptly told me that you can't miss the flight as you are here already. I then went for breakfast and returned only for her to tell me oh you on standby as the flight is fully booked so there's no guarantee that you will get a flight. I asked for a manger and along comes sedibeng not much customer service from her either. I suggest mango hires a independent person to evaluate their customer service as it is non existant. I am still at the airport waiting for mango to get me a seat. Worst service ever... Suleyman. [protected]

May 22, 2015

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