Mango Airlines (FlyMango) / theft from baggage and appalling service

Cape Town, South Africa
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My family of four booked return flights from Cape Town to Durban. We left Cape Town on 14 July and on arriving in Durban I found that my earphones had been stolen from my checked in luggage. I reported the theft to Mango in Durban who took my contact details and promised to get back to me. For our return flight to Durban on Monday 18 July we were severely delayed due to an accident on Durban's N2. On arriving at the airport we were informed that we were too late for the flight but could be put on standby for the next flight at a cost of R2800 each . We were also informed that there would be no refund. On enquiring about my missing earphones I was informed that nothing could be done as I had purchased our tickets via Checkers. I will definitely not be flying Mango Airlines again.
Mr P. Tichmann
Email: [protected]

Jul 21, 2016

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