Mango Airlines (FlyMango) / terrible service - double booking of passengers

I booked a flight on Saturday the 28 Feb 2016 for a flight on the next morning ( 29 Feb 2016 at 07:50am DBN to Lanseria). I got to the airport at about 07:20am, went to self service (as i had no bags to check in ), which told me to go to counter . When i initially entered the airport, there was a lady that also entered and walked into airport at the same time. but she had gone straight to the counter and was about 2 people away, she managed to get her boarding pass, and about 2 minutes later i was at the counter, but refused a boarding pass. i have a strong feeling that this was because the flight was double booked. the person at the counter said that the check in closed 40 mins prior to flight taking off ( yet the lady in front of me received her boarding pass). I have traveled extensively and even been on lots of international flights and none have closed 40mins prior to flight take off. The only 2 flights for Mango were at 07:50am and she was given her boarding pass yet i was declined along with about 6 other passengers. I then proceeded to the Mango staff at the help counter and instead of putting us onto the later flight - said we should upgrade to the 9am flight for a fee of about R538, which is almost the price i paid for the initial ticket( R 729 ). i can understand a R100 or R200 more, but R538 is just ridiculous.

Mango airlines is not courteous and not worried about its passengers, i was very upset and will not be flying on SAA or Mango airlines because of the way you treat the customers, Mango Airlines wants to rob hard working citizens of SA, imagine what it must be doing to tourists. When delays are caused by the airlines, the customers have to wait, but the airlines are just not courteous. If the airlines want to continue to behave in this fashion, then more people should drive, furthermore driving would be a cheaper option.

my flight number JE612
my ref NKJZDJ

Mar 01, 2016

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