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On sept 19, 2014 i booked a return flight ticket (Passenger name soo jxx xxxx & ou yxxx xx xxx) travel on 28th december 2014 @ 2.50pm from subang airport (Flight number od1248) to kota bharu. Return on 29th december 2014 @ 9.10pm from kota bharu (Flight number od1251) to subang airport . (Attached electronic tickets)

The flight has been re-timed multiple times as below :-
1) email sent to me on 6/10/2014, flight number od1248 re-timed to depart at 1420 hrs. *attached no.1
2) email sent to me on 15/10/2014, flight number od1248 moved to od1246 depart at 1745 hrs. *attached no. 2
3) email sent to me on 27/12/2014 (Less than 24 hours notice), re-timed to depart at 1355hrs. *attached no.3

In the end, i missed my flight due to the "over-wheeling" re-timed, especially with the less than 24 hours notice !!! They changed the departure time from 1745 hrs become 1355hrs, with less than 24 hours notice !!! This is totally unacceptable !!! This airline is insane !!!

Can you imagine, i am suppose to chair an important meeting at kota bharu with some foreign vips. Due to this unethical airline, i have to reschedule the meeting over and over again ! In the end, i missed my flight due to the last minutes notice from this disreputable airline !!!

On 28th december, after i had missed my flight. I called up malindo air- customer careline. Spoke to one of the customer agent about my situation. The agent and the management decided to let me re-schedule my flight.

On 6/3/2015, i sent an email to malindo customer care to change my reservation to depart from subang airport to kota bharu on 2/5/2015 @ 12noon. (Attached no.4) no reply till i sent another email on 17/3/2015. (Attached no.5) on the same day, one of the agent called me and told me they can't reschedule my flight. I am totally disappointed with that kind of dishonor reply an airline provider.

I wrote to them again on 17/3/2015. (Attached no.6). Then i received three calls from different different agent, to name one of the agent is mr waren. All promise to call back after they spoke to their management, but i never receive their calls. I sent them another email on 25/3/2015 (Attached no.7) no reply till now.

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    if you want anymore discription or travel details please contact me on email at [protected] or mobile no [protected]. Thanks

Mar 27, 2015
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  • Bk
      Aug 14, 2015

    Loss of baggage
    ref:- flt no od802, od215 date of travel 13/8/2015
    boarding pass od 802
    seat no 24f
    seq 00074
    pnr tovbnb
    boarding pass od 215
    seat no 15e
    seq ooo43
    pnr jmhzbv

    i have travel on 13/8/2015 with 4 baggages from singapore to kll and to mumbai, asked at counter to carry luggage directly, after reaching at mumbai, the bag haveing tag no.Od019585, containing valuble goods, red colour, haveing 2 wheels roller is missing, it is requested to look in to the matter seriously and make good my losses at the earliest
    with regards
    pir report is lodge at mumbai air port

    janir beena b

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  • He
      Aug 16, 2016

    Was supposed to travel on the 26, th aug 2016. Had a stroke attack on the 13th. Thus, I, henoch kugan, cannot travel. On the 16th, my wife and daughter went to cancel my ticket but was not entertained by Malindo staff. They would not refund the ticket. Thank you.

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  • Ho
      Aug 27, 2016

    I felt very disappointed when I've given my honest feedback to Malindo Air so they could at least acknowledge their mistake and improve their customer service. Now after a week still there is no response from them and I came across so many complaints on their facebook page which are left unattended. They only respond to general complaints, which are very generic responses or perhaps one specific template. There is no human touch to their customer service. Below is my email which I sent through their website feedback form & also submitted through their facebook page.

    Flight no. OD131
    Ticket Ref no. [protected]

    Hi Malindo Air team,

    I would like to escalate & lodge a complaint against your customer service. I’ve made 2 calls and also visit to Subang Jaya airport, total of 3 touch points just to change the date of my sister’s flight ticket. All of 3 touch points have given me a different & incorrect information & the way customer service personnel has handle the call was rude and no professionalism to facilitate the customers.

    I’ve made 2 calls & the details are below:

    1st Call:
    Date: 25/08 time: 3:07pm spoken to Mira and she has told me that I’ve to pay the difference which is 298+30 = total 328 to be exact and I can pay credit card details to make the changes. I told her that will call back as I need to confirm with my sister.

    2nd Call:
    Date: 25/08 time: 3:38pm spoken with Rosana and she has told me that I’ve to pay RM700+ to do the changes, when I inform her that my brother is at Subang airport and they are asking for RM476 to make the changes. She said if they are asking lesser might as well do it from there, is it the way to speak with your customers? While providing a wrong information.

    We finally paid 476 to Malindo Air counter at Subang airport and complete the assignment. It is very painful to see that we rely on Malindo Air to travel and they deal in such a manner. Kindly listen to the call and improve your customer service and if you are unable to track the call, I have recorded calls which I can send you.

    Why I am taking the pain to write is because this is a return flight from Pakistan to Malaysia. We aren’t flying on our national Airline PIA and chosen Malindo Air to seek a better service and also when we check online Malindo claim to charge no fee for changes in date & the reference of website is: However we’ve paid RM476

    A very bad experience!

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  • Yi
      Aug 15, 2018
    Malindo Airways - Luggage broken n i lost my camera

    Luggage check in at cambodia phnom penh aiport 11am.flight to kuala lumpur klia until 11:15pm to penang airport .when i get my luggage i didt check...i reach home then i knw my luggage is broken n lost camera

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  • Ra
      Aug 15, 2018
    Malindo Airways - Food

    I'm a pure vegetarian. In my previous flight (158), they arranged the veg food for me but for this flight, they said, I should order the veg food prior. This is not good as not every one is a non vegetarian lover. So air company cannot consider this thing. They should provide the facilities to all since we are paying a lot.

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  • Se
      Aug 20, 2018
    Malindo Air - No refund

    I booked 2 flight tickets then I have got some change of plans so i cancelled them on the website and received an email to acknowledge the receipt of the cancellation request and that the refund should occur in 45 days time. Now, it has been more than 65 days and nothing has been refunded and nobody contacted me!!

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  • Mu
      Aug 20, 2018
    Malindo Air - Damage baggage
    Kuala Lumpur

    My luggage was broken and lost a wheel when I'm landed at Taiwan airport. I could not able to find any Malindo customer support there. My luggage was in good condition when I dropped in Kuala Lumpur. I need to claim for my loss. Please advise this issue. Thank you.

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  • Ha
      Sep 02, 2018
    Malindo Air - Can’t call customer service
    Shah alam

    I tried so many time to speak with customer service office but failed using 2 line local phone. Tell about checkin online for boarding pass and seats

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  • Ma
      Sep 18, 2018
    Malindo Air - Luggage
    University Malaya Kuala lumpur

    Please take note about my complaint..
    On the 10.9.2017..I an my group 21 of us are going to KL-Bandung..flight no is OD 0312 DEPARTURE AT 8.10AM we reached Bandung at 9.20 am.The luggage is stll ok.
    On the 13.9.2017 we are coming back to Kuala Lumpur by the flight OD 0301 at 2.10pm and reached KLIA 1 at 5.15pm.
    1..luggage broken at the down part

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  • Ad
      Sep 19, 2018
    Malindo Airways - About cabin crew

    Cabin crew gedik sangatlah dekat instagram @nurhaaisha_caca. Menari nari hmm pityyy!!

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  • Sh
      Oct 16, 2018
    Malindo Air - Lost luggage
    Myanmar (Burma)

    PIR - attached
    Name - Shreedhar Chamchi
    Baggage tag number - OD 081883
    Baggage colour - Black
    Brand name - American tourister
    Contents - Food, clothes, official documents.
    Note - I have land at Yangon on 6th aug by 12.30pm almost more then 24 hour passed. Still I am awaiting for luggage.
    I am suffering huge loss because unavailability luggage

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  • Mi
      Oct 21, 2018
    Malindo Airways - Website

    Very very worst service poor website and can't do any all server error pls check Every Thing you are not doing free service already I wrote about the KL sentral office staff all not working simply talking no manners for the custimers

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  • Pa
      Oct 21, 2018
    Malindo Air - mohon pengesahan maklumat

    saya ingin membuat pengesaha berkenaan tempahan tiket malindo pada 28.5.2017
    bleh bagi detail:-
    1. siapa nama penumpang
    3.Tarikh penerbangan

    IC: [protected]




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  • 12
      Nov 14, 2018
    Malindo Airways - Staff complaint

    I bought a jam bottle of 17rm at the airport. They did not let my take inside airplane. I asked supervisor to check it but they just threw it away. Horrible staff behavior as well.

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  • We
      May 21, 2019
    Malindo Airways - I am complaining about damage of baggage causing by malindo

    I would like to complain about there is no feedback of my complaint

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  • Ja
      May 25, 2019
    Malindo Airways - No response.....

    One of the worst airline...No body there in office room...Do not give response

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  • Sa
      Jul 06, 2019
    Malindo Airways - Change of name in ticket
    RUJULA Raghavendra

    Dear Malindo airlines we booked ticket of my daughter with your airlines from Malaysia to Bali on 18-08-2019 flight no. OD173..My daughter name is RUJULA RAGHAVENDRA but in ticket it came RUJU RAGHAVENDRA please change and issue re ticket s..find the attached copies of ticket booking details. Yours Sahana

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  • Ra
      Aug 28, 2019
    Malindo Airways - Delayed service

    Our fligt od 281 from kul to ccu has been delayed indefinetly. Passengers are starving at kul airport.
    It would be kind if you could give some refreshments till the flight arrived as dinner time has also passed.
    Secondly, no clear status is being passed to the waiting customers.

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  • So
      Sep 17, 2019
    Malindo Airways - Refund delay

    Booking No. UURAYF
    I have been requesting to customer care Regarding refund of payment from last 40 days. However till date no refund information has been received. The staff of India is also not good. I am requesting MR. Sahil Arora on weekely basis and no result. Please resolve the problem.
    Sonu kumar

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  • Su
      Oct 19, 2019
    Malindo Airways - Unethical behavior with baggage and item stolen from baggage

    i had travelled in Malindo airline from adelaide to denpasar and same as return as well. while i had return from denpasar to adelaide i had lost/stolen item from my baggage and damaged my bag badly. i had email them three times but no response. and tried to visit adelaide airport malindo airline office but nobody over there.

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