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flight od206 november 23rd 2017, delhi to kuala lumpor, also flight od151 kuala lumpor to perth australia, booking ref..glkjnh, arrived at delhi airport went to check in, we had 2 bags plus one for hand luggage, we were told that we could not take the hand luggage bag onboard it had to go with the other 2 bags, tried to say to this man that they were gifts for our friends and would prefer to keep it with us, but still not allowed, the man was very polite he then stuck fragile stickers all over the bag, we were then told the flight would be 1 hour and 30min late, waiting at the boarding area we were then told it was further delayed, we finally left after midnight, we started stressing as soon as we arrived in kuala lumpur, we should have had 2 and a half hrs there but because we were delayed we did not have long at all not even time for a coffee, we had to run to catch this small train to the other side of the airport, then run all the way to our boarding area, where my wife fell over and hurt her knee, we were really stressed out, there was nobody at the boarding area and we thought we had missed it, eventually someone asked if we were flying to perth we said yes, she rushed us through we had our bag scanned and were told to empty contents, then we repacked the bag and ran all the way to where they check your boarding pass, we were told we were not on the flight now the stress levels are really high, then asked if we were from bombay flight no we said were from delhi flight, after a lot of confusion a man came to me and wrote our baggage numbers down, i thought that was strange, they did not even explain why, finally got on board and we were away, arriving in perth we went to collect our baggage and it was missing, then we went to baggage claim filled in forms and made our way home with nothing but the clothes on our back, luggage arrived the next day, we were horrified at what we saw when we opened the bags with the gifts, one ornament smashed two statues smashed, now my wife is almost in tears, those gifts were for special close friends of ours, we are still very much upset by the whole experiance, we had a perfect holiday in india, only for it to be ruined with the trip home and the broken gifts, i am wanting some sort of compensation for all the stress caused and the broken gifts, i was going to put in a good review of the airline, now i am not to sure, it was a horror trip home, the gifts cost us 8750.00 rupees, thats about $180.00, not much but its a lot for us.i do hope you can get intouch with us soon if only to ease the pain of it all, thank you
regards steve.

Malindo Air
Malindo Air
Malindo Air

Nov 26, 2017

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