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On 5th June(monday) 2017 I was travelling to Bali via Kuala Lampur in Malindo Airlines.
Delhi(DEL) to Kuala Lampur(KUL) ( OD206) Time: 22:05
Kuala Lampur(KUL) to Denpasar Bali (DPS) ( OD 306) Time: 09:15(kuala lapmur time)
To get better seats we did web check in on saturday itself.
We were a family of 11 so booked seats nearby eachother.
So my brother who booked the seat 31A for him and when we setteled ourself there to our surprise his seat did not recline. Not even a bit. so he had to sit straight for 5.5hours.
He had soo much trouble adjusting there as he is 6ft tall. when he requested the air hostess she said there is no seat available where as we saw 1 empty seat which the air hostess had promised to give to the couple who had the remaining 2 seats, so that they could sleep comfortably occupying all the seats.
So after completing the journey of 5.5hours sitting straight we finally reached Kuala Lampur.
After a halt of 3.5hous, we boarded the the plane again hoping this time it would be another plane of malindo.
But again it was the same seat. So in totality he had to sit on the straight seat for approximately 8.5hours
Which has now caused him severe back pain for which he is on medical treatment.
Coming to the second problem
I had seat number 30F of whose TV was not working.
I made several complaints to the air hostess but being so ignorant, she didn't even care to check for any empty seats on repeated requests.
Same as my brother i had to spent 8.5hours just starring at the back of the seat.

Jun 14, 2017

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