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Malaysia Review updated:

The damaged plane in Istanbul, Turkey seemed to find a full passenger flight MH031 Istanbul - KL (transit to Bangkok) Boarding time 13:40, April 21.

17:15 to chase down the plane. Passengers had to wait by the lack of clarification.
18:00 Passengers came together to protest what they crave food. The coupon to dine at the Food Center.
19:00 Boading pass by and distributed to the flight of the airline Turkish Airline TK64.

The problem seems to be most admired. All 80 passenger baggage is not delivered with The question has been answered, but I do not know is where in the world.

This issue should be of the Malaysia Airlines / answer questions.
1. The problem and the lack of any possible delays to passengers.
2. Not a professional.
3. The delay in tracking luggage of passengers to 28 hours (from 10:00 - Apr, 22) also failed to check.
4. Lack of contact / responsibility. Passengers waiting for luggage.
5. No answer, find or not find?

Malaysian Airline

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  • Su
      22nd of Apr, 2012

    The Airline need more 3 days for checking process, very low speed!
    When i heard from their staff, i think it's not reasonable.
    They can't use Tag number, why? Or it's only for show ?
    But ticket including Tag cost, right?

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  • Su
      25th of Apr, 2012

    i recived my luggage from Malaysia Airline without any explaination and my luggage was broken at lock, somebody stolen my external hardisk and memory cards from my luggage.
    I informed to Airline but they don't have any responsibility.

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  • Su
      25th of Apr, 2012

    The Airline informed the weight @bangkok 23 kg but the weight @
    Istanbul 20 kg. They can't give us their responsibility.
    ?? Why the wieght increase in the Airplane 3 kg??
    ?? The Airline make the fake data 3 kg?

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