Malaysia Airlinesunreasonable offloading, unacceptable transfer desk customer service

My family and I were travelling on MH731 from Brunei transiting in Kl to Penang on 25.01.17 for the Chinese New Year reunion. Everything was fine till we get to the KLIA transfer desk. We were told by the staff that our seats on MH1162 (7:00pm) had been given away and we will be put on a later flight (10 pm). Reason - overbooking. We were not the only ones. There were a few others who were in the same predicament as us. We argued with the lady but to no avail. We were not late and they could check from the system that we did board the plane in Brunei. However, someone at reservations just offloaded us. Naturally we were upset and as we have made arrangements with a rental car company, by the time arrive in Penang, they will be closed. We called them and we were informed that we will be charged an additional amount as they will keep the office open till we get there which would be around 11 pm. The lady at the transfer counter told us that we will have to fork out the money first and try to claim from MAS. There is no justice in all this. We paid for the tickets just like all the other passengers.

As there were no other options, we had to go on that later flight thinking that our nightmare was over. How wrong were we. On Saturday we tried to check in online for our return flight on Monday. We couldn't do so and someone from the call centre told us that the system was down. We couldn't take the chance that we might be offloaded again and so on Sunday we went to the airport to seek assistance. We were then told that our names for MH1139 (Penang to KL) and MH730 (Kl to Brunei) were not in the system. We then checked with Firefly who then promptly told us that the person who offloaded us entered us in the system as 'no show' in KLIA thus effectively cancelling our return tickets. That was the start of our second nightmare. The respective flights were fully booked. We called the call centre numerous times. Somehow they managed to get us on the Penang to KL flight but the KL to Brunei was really full. Lucky for us, the call centre people were really professional and efficient. We managed to get back to Brunei on Monday.

Whilst we are eternally grateful to those who assisted us in the call centre, we are appalled at the attitude and service level shown by the staff at the KLIA transfer desk. As for the person who made the decision to offload us, kindly check all the information before just making that drastic decision. Be more professional. If you offload someone, make sure you reinstate the rest of the itinerary. I cant say we will not use MAS forever in the future as its the only airline which has the best schedule for us to get to Penang but I guess the phobia will always be there whenever we are about to board any MAS flight.

Feb 01, 2017

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