Malaysia Airlines / unethical behaviour of customer service agent

Makati, Peru

Date: 23Oct 2017
Client Ticket# L5KRC3
Would like to complain regarding your customer service agent in Manila. Her name is Maria Pavinia (last name not given). The nature of my call is to request for AVML. First of all, I was not feeling as I am suffering from Flu with cough and colds so naturally my patience is a little short than normal. This agent's voice is irate already since the start of the call (hope you have a recording) and I was simply asking for AVML to include in the meal request as I was not able to do it online or with my agent. Then she said, she cannot book it as this is less than 24hrs already! (in a not so nice tone). I told her that's why i'm calling if you can help us book as a special request and told her that you don't need to be rude. She said back to me "you're the one who's rude first!" I told her you were not suppose to revert my rudeness if that's the case but still she said "I already explained to you that we cannot book as it's less than 24hrs already!" that's when I asked for a supervisor and she placed me on hold and was disconnected and tried to call 3 times and she said that she is trying to transfer to the sup line... I asked her where is your supervisor? in the other building? and she said "No, she's not in the other building, she's in Malaysia!" (in a more sarcastic tone)...then again placed me on hold and got disconnected again. I called again spoke with her full name and found out that they are only two of them on shift plus the supervisor who is not allowed to take on complain calls. I asked for her full name as I cannot let this pass anymore.
I hope that you have the recording for this and you can pull out the call and listen to it intently. The call started 12:17pm, 12:28pm, 12:38pm and 12:45pm.
Honestly, this is the 1st time I've experienced a customer service agent talking back to a customer which made me trigger to hit back and return her rudeness. You might want to place her somewhere else as her rudeness reflects how the entire service of the Airline works. If she was like that to me, then she will be the same way her entire shift. If she has a problem at home, she should not bring it at work just to spread the bad vibes that she had.

Resolution: I want her to call me and apologize for her rudeness and place her on anger management perhaps.

Oct 23, 2017

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