Malaysia Airlinesseating and toilet

I Nov 22, 2017

Date of Incident: 29th August 2017
Flight Plan: MAS Airlines; London Heathrow, UK to KLIA, Malaysia (Direct Flight)


On the 29th of August 2017, I boarded a MAS airlines flight from London to Kuala Lumpur. When I made my booking online, I specified an aisle seating. At the airport, I got my boarding pass without any hassle.

Upon boarding the plane, I was upset that my aisle seating was the closest one to the toilet. Although upset that I was not informed of this earlier, I did not make a fuss about it. But the stench of the toilet was very gross and dissatisfying. As the flight proceeded, the stench of the toilet only got worse, as more people used it. As I was sitting the nearest to the toilet, I was a direct victim of the stench. I, then complained, very politely, to an air stewardess who politely told me that cleaning will only take place once the plane has landed and they can't relocate me to any other seat as the flight was packed. So, for 14 hours, I had to endure the stench of the toilet that got worse by the hour. The smell also spoiled my appetite and I did not eat both the meals served to me.

I wish for a response on this matter as I believe it happens to many passengers. The reason I write this complaint is to inquire what the airlines would do to fix this problem and what compensation would the airlines provide for passengers who have had a bad flying experience, as I did.

Thank you. Awaiting a response.

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