Malaysia Airlinesrude ground staffs

27 jan 2017, 8am-9am

Name of staff to complain: Priya (Customer service, e ticket counter) - she was very rude and cut me off before i even finished my word.

Went to the counter just to ask where do i check in since your kiosk was unable to process my self check in. Before i even finish my sentence, she told me off and rudely pointed to line B or C, showing her inpatient attitude. But that was still okay since i try to be considerate. When i walked to her again trying to ask "where is the baggage drop counter" on behalf of my friend, she replied me angrily and said "I already told you it is at counter B or C didn't I??!!". WOW this is what i get from MAS staff?? Your image has totally tarnished right away. And it seems that your staff didnt get enough training, they should be good at EQ and self control plus her soft skill is absolutely terrible to be placed at the customer service counter. I am terribly dissapointed with MAS. And that staff was rude to senior citizens too.

However, your flight attendent Shafiq showed exceptional professionalism and attentive care towards his passengers. His communication and soft skill should be an example of great working attitude.

Jan 29, 2017

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