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My wife and I flew from Sydney to KL on Friday, 19th Dec 2014 and stayed at ‘Double Tree by Hilton’ on the nights of 19th and 20th Dec 2014.

On the 21st Dec 2014 we left the Hotel well on time (three hours before departure) and planned to check in on flight bound for Mumbai with connection on Jet Airways from Mumbai to Goa.

When we arrived at the airport, we did on-line registration of the passport details, and joined a very long winding queue (approx more than a kilometre) with few staff to assist with check-in baggage. However, we managed to have the bags checked in, and joined another two long queues to go through the immigration and security scanning.

When we joined the final long queue for security scanning before the gate for departure, half way through the line we noticed the display that “the gate has been closed’. We broke the queue and protested that we need to catch the flight due to the connections to Goa, but this proved futile. NO EFFORT WAS MADE BY THE STAFF TO LOOK FOR THE MISSING PASSENGERS AND ALL ANNOUNCEMENTS MADE WERE NOT IN THE LEAST AUDIBLE DUE TO THE HEAVY CHAT NOICE WITHIN THE AIRPORT.

We approached the Duty Manager and vehemently protested and explained all that happened. The officer explained that the long queue was due to Christmas holidays and arranged for us the next immediate flight to Mumbai “Free of Charge”. However, the officer could not assist with the next connecting flight as Malaysian Airline has no contract with Jet Airways. As the Jet Airways was not responsible for the delay, we have had to purchase two tickets after frantic phone calls to the Australian Travel Agent who logged in from Home (being a Sunday) and further call were made to secure and reconfirm all other connections (Goa to Pune) and return trips as these were all issued as one ticket each (for my wife and myself). In addition, we have had to reschedule airport pick up and changes to hotel accommodation. We lost AUD 1, 000 and cost of phone calls and could not claim through the travel insurance who insisted that it is the fault of the airline.

Jan 26, 2015
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      Feb 05, 2015

    This is so similar to an experience I had with Malaysian Airlines in March 2014. On Saturday 29th March, I tried to check in at Kuala Lumpur International airport for my 20.30 MH Flex flight MH9143 from KLIA to Singapore. I was directed to checking in area C, and arrived there at 19.30, one hour before the flight. I asked a Malaysian Airlines representative who was at the entrance to the queuing, if I was in the right place for the flight to Singapore at 8.30. He said yes, and assured me that if the queue took a long time, he would take me to a check-in desk agent himself. His name is HAFIZ YUSOF. When I got to the check-in counter, the agent told me that I should be at a different check in counter, at “L” and not at “C”, because this was a code-share with Singapore Airlines. I asked her to ring that desk, to make sure I could still check in with my hold baggage – and she did, and confirmed that the flight was still open. I ran to that desk, but was told that the flight had closed (this was at 8.00pm).

    The problem with this, is that it meant I missed my British Airways return flight from Singapore to London Heathrow, at 23.10 BA12, as no other flight from KL connected to Singapore in order for me to catch my return flight to London. This was a FIRST CLASS seat, . It was a non-refundable booking.

    In order to get back to the UK in order to arrive the following day, I had to purchase another flight back to the UK, on Malaysian Airlines, at 23.40 from KLIA, MH 002, which incurred an additional cost of 3939 MYR.

    I spoke with the senior manager on duty on Saturday night, Shahrin Mohamadnazir, and he took copies of my tickets, and confirmations, and he said he would be registering this as a complaint. They also confirmed with Hafiz Yusof who was managing the queue, that he indeed said that this was the right place to queue.

    Nowhere on the Air Itinerary details received by email from Malaysian Airlines, does it give any indication that MH 9143 is a code-share and not operated by Malaysian Airlines. It states Malaysian Airline System Berhad.

    So, I lost my first class seat on BA 0012 (cost 4369 GBP for the return flight First Class), plus I had to pay an additional 3939 MYR (726 GBP) to purchase another seat back to UK, due to the fault of Malaysian Airlines staff who said i was queuing in the right place.

    Malaysian Airlines customer service took months to reply, I had to email several times, and their response was "We would like to inform you that there was no wrong with our reservation system at the point of time in which the operating carrier info that is responsible would have been already stated on the pages of your booking. Nonetheless, we have highlighted this issue and our relevant department will constantly on the lookout for such occurrence from happening again. " I showed them that there was no indication on the tickets or confirmation that this was a code-share with Singapore Airlines. All they offered me was 5, 000 Enrich points.. This is an insult.

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