Malaysia Airlines / mas: inconsiderate change of flight n separated us!!! very disappointed! 😑

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

MAS : inconsiderate change of flight n separated us!!! Very disappointed! 😑

My name is Ooi Hooi Mean. I'm very disappointed with the unprofessional n sudden changes to our flight from KUL-BKK MH0788, 28/4/17 12:20pm. Me and my friend Ms Chu Lee Fong suppose to be taking the same flight from KUL-BKK but due to her flight from Kuching delayed 20min, MAS sold off her place to other ppl n it's a full flight!!! the reason y she is not allow to board the same plane which we have booked together is because MAS has sold her seat to other ppl n not because she can't make it to board the plane ! The original scheduled flight MH0788 was delayed more than 20min also and yet, she can't on board the same flight with me even thought she can make it coz her seat was sold off!!! At that time, the MH788 also haven't ready for boarding. The Kuching flight touch down at 11:50am n she called me to check on our flight. Then 12:10 she called again n cried that MAS had changed her flight without asking her permission or no early notification! We were very sad due to MAS inconsiderate move. MH788 only start boarding after 12:30pm which give ample time for my friend to catch this connecting flight!!! Ur so call save cost n sold off her pre-booked n paid ticket is totally not acceptable! U have ruined our 1st day trip, MAS!!! Now, both of us need to take taxi separately n paid more to head back to our hotel because of ur inconsiderate change of flight n separated us!!! Our lunch n shopping trip together need to be cancelled n postponed by ur inconsiderate flight change!!!😑😑😑😑
We hope that MAS can give us an explanation which can satisfy both of us for future n continuos flying with MAS. Both of us are MAS frequent flyer!
2) second disappointment is I'm not aware that a more than 1 hr MAS international flight does not have video n entertainment device! It's my 1st encounter n very disappointed ! Your company choirs put a special remarks on this! If I knew it earlier, I will definitely not going to book MAS! 😑😑Although MAS is going thru cost cutting measure, but we do paid an expensive ticket just for your MAS facilities: video, meals, n luggage allowances which Airasia dun have. If either 1 of the above mentioned facilities don't have, MAS should not charge high price ticket than AirAsia because of its equivalent service to AirAsia, non-full board flight! MAS will eventually loose out their market share to others competitor anytime now! N, even Malindo is better off than MAS! I should consider to convert all my MH points to others Oneworld partners after all this dissatisfactions! Come on MAS, where is the quality??? U have again disappointed me...I guess my return flight from BKK to KUL on 1/5 will be my last flight with u, MAS!!! 😑😑😑

Apr 28, 2017

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