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Malaysia Airlines / malaysian airways charged £150 for a missed flight when the flight was 8 minutes late and baggage didn't come through in time for connecting flight

1 Preston, England, Lancashire, United Kingdom

I purchased return flights for my husband to go to Borneo for a month. (Helping at Living Water's Village(Mission)). There was only an hour between the flight MH3 landing at Kuala Lumpur and the flight to Kuching departing.

MH3 Depart London Heathrow Arrive Kuala Lumpur
4th October 2018 @ 10.45 ------- 5th October 2018 @ 0700

MH 2542 Departs Kuala Lumpur Arrives Kuching
5th October 2018 @ 0800 ------------ 5th October 2018 @ 09.40

Heathrow labelled his baggage with a bright pink label stating 'Hot Transfer'.

The flight arrived 8 minutes late and his baggage didn't come through in time for his flight to Kuching. He was then told he would have to pay £150 to go on the next flight to Kuching which was due at 12.15.

My husband didn't have a credit card on him and his debit card wasn't accepted ( although he didn't understand why he was being told to pay when it was the airlines fault).

I received a telephone call in England in the middle of the night from my very anxious husband who was asking me to pay the £150 so that he could get to Kuching where people from the mission had been waiting to collect him to take him to the mission.

After speaking to airport officials in Kuala Lumpur, then my credit card company in England and then Malaysian Airways I finally managed to pay the £150 and was reassured that my husband would now be put on the 12.15 flight on the 5th October to Kuching.

I then received communication from my husband to say that the security had not let him board this plane as they said they were waiting for something electronic to come through. He was then told he could board the 17.15 flight.

All in all my husband had to wait from 0700 to 17.15 for his flight to Kuching which should have been only a 1 hour wait at the airport.

I don't know why I have had to pay £150 when the airline was at fault and I would like compensation for both the extra cost and for the excessively long wait my husband had to endure. He is 71 years old.

Oct 8, 2018

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