Malaysia Airlinesipad left on plane flight mh0089 nov 16, 2018 landed at kuala lumpur

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In Regards to Reference MH70/02 Nov-Courtesy Report/17 Nov emailed to your KL Malaysia office on 17 Nov 2018. (I note now that I see - that ref the report flight date was was the flight we were on from KL to Narita)

Date of Incident: The flight the iPad actually went missing on was when my son & I were passengers travelling from Narita-Tokyo to Kuala Lumpur on flight MH0089 Nov 16, 2018 - where we had a stop over to change planes. Our seats numbers: 59A & 59B

We were the very last passengers to leave the plane as we were in no rush as we had a 6 hour layover.

Once we arrived in the KL terminal we realised my son did not have his iPad with him, so we felt sure it must be still on the plane as he was using it during that flight.

Perhaps it fell down beside the window seat & he missed seeing it when we stood up to leave? From our checking on the "Find my iPad Ap" - It has been found by someone!

We advised the ground staff at KL & they told us to have a report made out once back in Sydney (which we did) by Menzies Aviation (Australia) Pty Ltd | Sydney International Airport. ( Menzies report Reference MH70/02 Nov-Courtesy Report/17 Nov)

It is now 2 weeks since we arrived back in Sydney & we are very disappointed that we have not heard any further if the iPad has been located (or not) by the Malaysia KL office side.

As of today on the "Find my iPad Ap" we have used, it is still showing as being located in the KL airport area at this location:
( iPad location: 108, Jalan Warisan Megah, 1/9 43900 Dengkill, Selangor, Malaysia)

I gave this information to Menzies to pass on to the Malaysia Airlines KL office - which they did as I was Cc into the email. However I did not hear back Menzies or your KL office.

My son has Autism and it has been a very, very stressful time for the past 2 weeks for him not having it. Can you imagine how devastated he is on not having his holiday photos which were on his iPad?

Desirable Resolution: Please for my sons well being, can you please check at the location address above? It is still as I write stating that is where the iPad is! If found return to Sydney where we could collect.

This is not our first time we have flown Malaysian Airlines. We are members of the Enrich Frequent flyers program, and in fact we flew with MA a very short time after the tragedy of Flight 370 March 2014. We still had confidence in MA.

We would like to keep that confidence - which will keep us using Malaysian Airlines - knowing that you will look further into the missing iPad.

We will be anxiously awaiting a reply from your office, so we can relax over this issue

Kind Regards
Rhonda & Andre Swales

Dec 01, 2018
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  •   Apr 06, 2019

    Rhonda & Andre Swales

    This site did not issue the reference MH70/02 Nov-Courtesy Report/17 Nov

    1. Can you present the bag tag(-s) related to 2 NOV 2018 MH70 flight, originated from Sydney and from Kuala Lumpurt airports?

    2. Can you attach the claim, which you had submitted to the Malaysia Airlines carrier or PIR, which could be issued at Sidnay airport not later than 7 days following the arrival of the Malaysian flight in Sednay airport?

    3. Can you explain, what was the exact act (error or behaviour) of the Malaysia airlines carrier, which definitely was performed by them against you from 2 NOV 2018 till 16 NOV 2018?


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