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I traveled from Kuching to Kuala Lumpur on flight MH 2529 on 10th of February 2014, time 1805 with my husband and his brother. On board, Liyana was the stewardess who attended to us. I would not expect a stewardess working for a 5-star airline to show the level of professionalism as Liyana had during our flight that day. We had requested for a blanket during the flight as it was chilly. Liyana turned down our request saying there was no more blankets available. The flight has just took off and there was no available blankets anymore?? We later found out that the passengers in the row in front of us was provided with a blanket despite them being attended after us.The second incident that happened was when meals was served. I had asked for tea. Liyana not only had placed the packet of sugar on my table hastily but turned a blind eye on the spilled sugar as a result of damaged packaging. It had not bothered me at that time as I tried to be understanding that meals have to be served to all passengers quickly.However the third incident was truly a show of unprofessional-ism from Liyana. As she came around again and this time to pick up trash, my husband had asked for second round of juice for all three of us. Instead of being attentive to us, Liyana was distracted with the front row passengers, apologizing and smiling as she could not meet their needs. She made my husband repeat his request. As she was preparing the juice for us, she again turned to the front row passengers apologising again. I had asked her nicely at the same time to wipe the sugars that was spilled on my table. With just an "Okay" to reply me, she then got a dry serviette and placed it on the table. A DRY serviette to pick up sugars? Is there any common sense? I could have just swipe the sugars off the table onto the floor but I didn't want to do that. Not wanting to create a scene, I didn't pursue the matter. What made thing worse was Liyana proceeded to serve us two drinks instead of three as requested.At that point, both my husband and I was just too upset with the kind of service that Liyana had provided knowing that she probably think nothing of us as we are not well dressed or well versed. However, this should not be expected from a 5-star airline. We paid for our seats as well and why isn't the same level of service provided for us? This is a double standard practice as well as rudeness to the passengers.

Feb 17, 2014
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  • Bo
      21st of Mar, 2014

    Classic example of male descrimination. You would be surprised how many times this happens to males on flights. Sometimes not getting peanuts, being passed up on on free upgrades. It is a worldwide epidemic.

    -Thank you, I'm Bob Ducca

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