Malaysia Airlines / flight delays/cancellations

United Kingdom

Our flight was due to depart from Auckland on 25 March at 00.55. On arriving into the airport car park we were advised by phone that there was a 7 hour delay. We decided to stay in the airport that night as we had a long journey by car from where we were staying. We headed to check in at around 4.00am that morning and stood in the queue to then be informed (via the board at check in) that the flight was delayed again - this quickly changed to cancelled. There were no Malaysia Airline staff anywhere with everyone not knowing what was happening. Auckland airport staff helped us as much as they could but could not explain the reasoning as they also did not know! We were advised we would not be flying out until 26 March and both myself and my partner were due back to work on 27 March!! There were no hotels available in Auckland so we had to arrange to stay with family who were around 2 hours away. The airline paid for taxis to and from this destination.

We departed on 27 March as scheduled only to arrive in Kuala Lumpur with a further delay! Again no explanation and no Malaysia staff anywhere!! Due to this delay we were sent to a hotel overnight. We were advised to be a reception the following morning at 5am which we were only to be told there was a further delay! We finally left Kuala Lumpur for London but due to this delay we subsequently missed our connecting flight from London to Dublin and had to stay overnight in a hotel in London.

We finally made it to Dublin 2 days later than expected and my luggage was not on the plane!!!

To say the whole episode was a nightmare is an understatement! We had gone to New Zealand not only for a once in a life time trip but also to get married and spend our honeymoon there! The airline were incompetent, unprofessional, lacked very basic customer service skills and ruined a very memorable experience for my husband and I!! We missed two days of work each (my husband is self employed). I understand that these things happen but if the issues had been communicated passengers may have been a little more understanding.

We will most certainly not be using this airline again!

May 5, 2017

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