Malaysia Airlines / flight delayed (mh0742 bound to kuching)


Hello, I am writing to make a complaint regarding the flight delayed for MH0642, it was supposed to depart at 12.50pm but has been delayed to 5.25pm and according to the ground staff they are unable to confirmed if the flight will depart at time, is subject to change in due course. When I asked them any solution or any early flight, their answer is "No", "I do not know". Is this the proper way they answer to the passengers? And when I asked if I cancelled the trip, will I get the refund and there is one girl sitting there answer with a bad attitude "it's has to be go by proper procedures la" her answer and attitude is piss me off. They just issue us an voucher that's it. Their service is suck, spoil my trip. This will be my last time travelled with Malaysia airline. 😡😡

Apr 29, 2017

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