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Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

I just wished to pass on my disappointments on a recent flight from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne. I was travelling alone and was seated next to a man who, was clearly intoxicated as soon as he got on the flight. I felt uncomfortable sitting next to him as soon as I got on the flight as he was looking at me innapropriatly. I tried to locate a seat elsewhere, however was unable to see any spare. I then progressed to explain the situation to the attendant who told me the flight was full. I returned to my seat and the gentleman continued to order multiple more alcoholic drinks, spilling them on the seat he then asked me to change with him. I was then stuck on the window seat. I again asked an attendant for another seat, which they looked briefly and told me there were none. I did not sleep on this flight due to feeling extremely uncomfortable next to this man and my concerns if I were to fall asleep. At one point he proceeded to lift the arm rest and was encroaching on my space. He also lay facing me and at one point I looked st him to see he was sitting staring at me. At the end of the flight he asked me multiple times when my next flight was, to which I lied due to my concerns of him. Since coming home I have felt very upset when thinking about what happened and when I think about that flight I feel let down that my concerns were not taken seriously. I am terrified of flying again due to this situation and feel disappointed that his behaviour was permitted and drinks were continued to be served to someone who was clearly intoxicated.

Apr 28, 2017

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