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Re: booking referrence number wrz8h
E ticket number [protected] and [protected]
Invoice number 2415519


I spoke to an agent on the telephone and they assured me you would seek permisssion to take the payment for the upgrade from me by telephone, prior to automatic entry by computer, where I would be able to give you a new card number to use for the transaction.

This you did not do, and as a result, a catastrophic event has occurred for me with my travels plans for the year ahead.

I would be very grateful if you can action and attend to my request asap, either in reservations or in the accounts department.

What will need to be done will be the following:

1. Refund the amount paid of myr 300 where the emergency exit seats were not used for flight mh123 kl to sydney on jan 2nd 2017.
2. Refund the amount of myr 4050 for both upgrades charged to the amex card on the booking.
3. Then get in touch with me by email and I will arrange balance of payment to be made direct from a bank account for an immediate transfer or if preferred by yourself, payment with another credit card, for the upgrade (Minus the myr 300)

I have made contact with american express and they have suggested as an alternative option, that you can refund the entire ticket cost, and then I can pay the grand total again if that is more straight forward.

Absolutely on no terms must you alter or change the return flight mh140 departing sydney on 11th january for both passengers at 22:15 hrs with seats 28a and 28c already booked and paid for.

I am very upset that the agent spoken to has misadvised me on the telephone, and I wish to make a formal complaint and trust that a senior manager will look into this appalling situation immediately and take all steps to appropriately rectify without any financial penalty to myself.


Mr buck

Jan 13, 2017

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