Malaysia Airlinescustomer service at transfer desk

I would like to feedback the unpleasant behaviour of 2 female staff at transfer desk today at 22:00.
I approached the desk with request for some support I could receive at my transfer in Amsterdam airport (where I only have 22 minutes between landing from Kuala Lumpur flight KL0810 and boarding to my connecting flight KL1839). The lady did not let me finish my question and jumped in with irrelevant answer. When I insisted on my question, I was accused that I confused the information and implying I am stupid not understanding her reply despite she speaks English. When I pointed out that my transfer time is really tight and thus I would wellcome some support once we land, I was recommended that I should rather next time buy a flight ticket with at least 2 hours transfer time.
It was really unhelpfull and unpleasant experience, which I found also rude.
In order to improve the service level and avoid similar experience in the future, I decided to provide this feedback.
Hope that it will be helpful.
Best regards,
Jana Bardyova

May 14, 2017

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